Why A Daily Stretch Is Essential

Do you ever wake up in the morning, and the first few steps sound like Rice Krispies – snap, crackle, and POP? The muscles across your hips, shoulder, and calves feel tight and uncomfortable.

There is a high possibility of seeing a massive improvement by incorporating a few simple stretches into your everyday life. 

Why is stretching good for you?

Stretching helps increase the flexibility and suppleness of your muscles and joints, which will help to alleviate some of the aches and pains we have when we wake up in the morning. 

It can help to reduce stress, improve posture and help you reduce other aches and pains too. 


Feeling tight, stiff, and sore in the morning can be partly because you’re not as flexible as you could be. Extra flexibility can help you exercise and retain a higher level of mobility as you age. 

If you find some tightness won’t leave, specifically in your back, shoulders, and neck, then checking out what chiropractic care can do for you is a great idea. 

Blood Flow

Stretching regularly will improve the blood flow that reaches your muscles. The improved circulation can help reduce muscle soreness after working out and shorten the recovery time too. 

increased circulation also helps keep your joints supple and your brain focused on the tasks you need to do. 


Do you find you are stiffer on one side of your body? Or perhaps you notice stiffness in your hips, shoulders, or other joints. 

Regular stretching will offer you an increased range of motion. Both static and dynamic stretching combined is the best options. 

  • Static stretching is when you stretch your muscle in a specific stretching pose and hold it for about 20 seconds. 
  • Dynamic stretching is putting joints and muscles through a complete stretch with no holding of the position. 

Yoga is an excellent option for both dynamic and static stretches as it allows for both. 


Bad posture can be blamed for a sore back, tight shoulders, and what feels like stiffness throughout your body. Over time bad posture can become more permanent, putting strain on some muscles, and weakening others. 

Stretching allows your body to adjust itself and correct bad posture. Regular stretching strengthens the weakened muscles so they can properly do their job. 

Stress release

Our bodies hold on to the stress that we feel, and that causes tense muscles. Tense muscles have less of a range of motion and can make it uncomfortable to do daily exercises. 

If you feel tense in specific areas, then start by stretching those muscle groups out. It is a great idea to follow some gentle yoga flows that target the area. 


If you are one population who suffers from tension, headaches can impact how people live daily. Even with rest, plenty of water, tension headaches can arise. 

Stretching can reduce the tension around the neck and shoulders, and the tension release can help with headaches. 

If you have more than a headache, check out this post: How to Cope with Migraines

A daily stretch is excellent for your whole body, so make sure you fit plenty in. 

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