Why Non-Invasive Treatment Methods Work for Swollen Legs

Why Non-Invasive Treatment Methods Work for Swollen Legs

Older adults have one of the highest rates of leg swelling. The issue develops due to various reasons. However, for most, the main reason is vascular issues that have gone unnoticed for a long time. Vascular issues cause devastating symptoms later on if not checked.  Dr. Vinod Kumar is an expert in the area and can diagnose the underlying cause of your swelling.

What causes leg swelling?

Leg swelling is an issue that arises from many things. Pregnant women experience the phenomena. However, for others, it could be an underlying vascular issue. Some issues that cause leg swelling include:

  •         High salt diet
  •         Prolonged periods standing up
  •         Overweight
  •         Medications such as those for treating hypertension
  •         Anti-depressants
  •         Cardiovascular diseases

Endovascular issues such as venous insufficiency are a significant cause of leg swelling. Issues such as peripheral arterial disease (PAD) are other reasons for leg swelling. You could go on and on trying to explain the cause of your swollen legs. However, when you find Heart Vascular and Leg Center, you can find the exact reason you have leg swelling.

What evaluation techniques should you anticipate for leg swelling?

First, you need to find your Heart Vascular and Leg Center cardiologists who understand all the intricacies of vascular issues. The expert will make various evaluations useful in the diagnosis and treatment of your leg swelling. Heart Vascular and Leg Center has a particular unit for dealing with such matters, coupled with customized options to treat each patient.

Diagnosis begins with an analysis of your medical history. After the analysis, a physical examination will follow, which gives all the attention to your legs and the blood vessels that transport blood to your lower body parts. Tests to expect during the procedure include:

  •         Blood tests
  •         Vascular ultrasound
  •         Angiography
  •         CO2 Angiography

What techniques help to eliminate leg swelling?

The first line of treatment is dietary changes and exercises to promote blood flow. Treatments offered are beneficial in the following ways.

  •         Endovascular treatment

This treatment involves a wide range of solutions, from wearing stockings to others such as non-invasive medical tools. Non-invasive solutions focus on the damaged valves that fail to push your blood away from your legs. With time, your problematic valves will disappear, and you will note normalcy in your legs.

  •         Lifestyle changes

Some activities you do are the reason for your swollen legs. Standing for a long time increases your chances of swollen legs. Therefore, a shift in the way you operate can significantly affect your entire vascular health. You must plan for yourself such that you do not sit or stand for a long time, and engage in an activity that can boost your blood circulation. Obesity is another cause of swollen legs, meaning that you can notice some changes if you eat well and have an exercise program in place.

Swollen legs can affect your life, from upsetting your aesthetics to limiting the type of shoe-wear you can have on at any time. However, with Heart Vascular and Leg Center as a partner, you can achieve the redefinition you desire. Call the center or book your place online for healthier and better-looking legs.

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