Proactive Dental Care to Protect your Oral Health

Proactive Dental Care to Protect your Oral Health

Many of us dread going to the dentist as it’s likely to end in some form of treatment or a clean and polish, all of which don’t necessarily feel so good. A trip to the dentist isn’t exactly like a massage and rarely leaves you feeling relaxed and in a peaceful state of mind. But it’s a vital part of keeping your smile beautiful and thus highly recommended.

We all need to go to the dentist. Most of us don’t like it because the manner in which we have been schooled about dentistry has been wrong. The general rule of thumb has been to go once every six months, or once a year. The irony is that for a better bite and fewer problems in your mouth it’s best to see a professional on a more regular, proactive basis. The recommended interval between visits is noted as no more than six months, and if you then see the oral hygienist in-between, you will have an appointment at your practice every three months. This should keep your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy. Many would immediately say that this is too frequent, but it’s the frequency can be reduced once you have implemented a thorough oral healthcare regime at home.

Proactive dentistry is the way forward

Proactive dentistry is where you forgo everything you know about visiting the dentist and start going to see them on a more regular basis. It may be a little tough at the moment with all the COVID-19 restrictions. As soon as things open up again it will be vital to go see your narrabri dentist and perhaps work out a proactive plan as to the way forward with your teeth, gum care, and overall oral health.

The idea is to use preventative oral care rather than leaving it until you require remedial or repair work. The first thing that many dental practitioners advise is to know your teeth first. As the owner and main user, you need to know what is good and what is bad for your teeth. A great source of this information is your dentist, or you can find a practice that provides professional information on cavities. Find your smile with Southgate Dental and use them to get as much advice as you can about cavity prevention. This is a good first step and will go a long way to helping you understand why prevention is indeed better than a cure but will still require regular trips to the dentist.  If you’re not sure who to use, click here to find a dentist near me

A proactive plan is, however, less likely to result in a filling or treatment required every time you visit as the plan serves to provide ongoing maintenance and care. 

Most of the proactive dental care is actually done in the home. The dentist will advise and provide a professional scale and polish, removing ingrained plaque and checking for gum disease. Hard work and elbow grease will be required at home: cleaning, brushing, and flossing are the keys to a healthy mouth and teeth. The more regular visits to the dentist can also be reduced once you have a proper preventative plan in place and they have provided as much advice as you need about keeping your teeth cavity-free. It is a little circular, in that, the more you go to your dentist and the better your relationship, the less you will need to see them and the better your teeth will be.

Find a dentist such as a Dentist In Fountain Valley, who is highly recommended and does what you need. It’s best to have them local as no one wants to drive a distance after treatment, with a numb face or swollen gums. Choose your provider carefully and institute proactive dental care with them, to have a longer-lasting smile. The more you do now, the less you will need to do later. If you need a recommendation, you can always seek help and consultation from the dental care in tamarac.

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