Why you should get teeth extraction services from Ueno Center Dental Specialists

Why you should get teeth extraction services from Ueno Center Dental Specialists

When faced with dental problems, you might want to preserve the teeth, however, if the damage is severe you could opt for a tooth extraction. Before opting for a tooth extraction you could let a dentist examine the damaged teeth to make sure that extraction is the only option you have. Look for recommendations for experts in tooth extractions in Campbell near you. Visit the chosen dentists and discuss your medical history, appropriate procedure, and the cost of extraction before getting the procedure done.

Types of Extraction Procedures include:

  •       Simple procedures: they involve the teeth which are easily visible  in the mouth and they can be done at your dentist’s office under local anesthesia
  •       Surgical extraction: this mostly involves the removal of molar teeth that are not fully erupted or cannot be easily accessed. The procedure could also apply to teeth that have broken under the gum line.

Why Tooth Extraction Is Important

Tooth extraction is important when there is severe tooth decay that affects the center of the pulp. The bacteria that is produced by the decayed tooth could lead to pulp infection and severe pain. Although root canal procedures could treat the infection, severe damage might require tooth extraction. The extraction prevents the infection from spreading to other teeth in the mouth.

Extraction is a viable solution to periodontal infection which affects the gums and alveolar bone and other structures in the mouth. Periodontal infection results from bacteria from the dental plaque that sticks to the teeth. If you eat without brushing the teeth you will be at risk of developing periodontitis and your dentist could help prevent complications that arise from the infection.

Extractions can impact other teeth, especially for young children who still have milk teeth. If the milk teeth block the permanent teeth from coming out, they can be extracted at your dentist’s office. It could also help to extract the wisdom teeth that might fail to erupt from the gums properly as they create an environment for bacteria to breed and impact the health of other teeth.

Tooth extraction could prevent tooth overcrowding, and it is recommended for patients who have gone through orthopedic treatment and have no room for more teeth to move and align properly. An orthopedic might have to check the area where there is overcrowding to give the teeth a better alignment and extract extra teeth that have no room for alignment.

Extraction could be recommended after accidents where a patient could need dental treatment. At first, a dentist could opt for teeth preservation if it is possible and extraction might be the last solution.

After the extraction, you might opt for dental implants that look like normal teeth. A missing tooth might lower our self-esteem and it could help if you get dentures or implants that help brighten your smile.

The Bottom Line

Tooth extraction is a necessary dental procedure that helps deal with dental issues such as severely decayed teeth, overcrowding, and improperly sprout wisdom teeth. At first, the dentist will opt for preservation of the teeth but if the problem is severe it is better to conduct a tooth extraction. Again, it is better to replace the extracted teeth, you may opt for dentures and dental implants to improve your smile.

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