How To Help Kids Develop A Good Skincare Routine

How To Help Kids Develop A Good Skincare Routine

It may seem like an odd thing to write about, but many parents have the same question: when is the right time to teach my child about the importance of skincare?

In truth, skincare should be part of their routine from birth and, as they get older, they should become more aware of both how to practice good skin care and why a good skincare routine is vital for their health.

A Note About The Skin

The skin is the biggest organ humans have, as well as being very tough in places, it is also one of the most delicate organs too. 

While human skin has an amazing ability to repair itself, it’s always best to avoid damage in the first palace, especially when it comes to too much sun exposure.

A good healthy diet will go a long way to keeping your child and your child’s skin healthy, but there are a few things they should be doing as part of their self-care routine to ensure that they keep their skin in good condition too.

Gentle Products

Possibly the most important thing to be concerned about for children is the safety of the products they are using. Skincare products all contain different chemicals and mixes to treat different skin types, and kids must use gentle products on their delicate skin.

There are a range of kid-friendly products on the market, from natural lip balm for kids available at Toddle Born Wild to child-friendly sunscreens and even shampoos that are gentle on the scalp and hair.

Shop around to find the best products for your family, and always do a patch test.

Regular Self Care Help

Teaching independence to your children is a great way to help them learn and to help them grow into confident children, teens, and eventually adults.

As a parent, you must learn when to intervene and help your child and when to back off and let them do it themselves.

As your child gets older, teach them the next steps in their skincare routine and regularly check on them to make sure they are keeping up with it, and make sure they’re using the products you give them in the right way.

Lead By Example

Like most things in parenting, it’s unlikely that you’ll get your child to comply with your wishes if you’re not leading by example.

This means having your child learn good skincare habits from you and explaining why they are important. If it’s sunny out, let them see you using sun lotion, if it’s cold out, let them see you using lip balm.

By making sure kids see you modeling the behavior you want, they will naturally want to follow your lead.

Make It Fun

Above all, you must make it fun for kids!

No child is going to want to continue a skincare routine or any other self-care routine if they are being yelled at or berated for not getting it right.

Follow the simple procedure of model, allow exploration, help where necessary, and then praise a good job.

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