How Poor Oral Health is Dangerous to Your General Health

How Poor Oral Health is Dangerous to Your General Health

Having a healthy smile is everyone’s dream. It gives us confidence when we associate with others and how they see us. These days, anyone can achieve their dream smile through cosmetic dentistry. Therefore, stained, broken, or missing teeth should no longer prevent you from smiling. You can get the perfect smile through several options, thanks to Harleen Grewal DDS at Skyline Smiles, and her team who offer affordable and perfect services to help you achieve the perfect smile and improve your oral health. They have modern technology that can transform even the most challenging dental problems to achieve satisfactory results.

What is the importance of oral health?

Promoting your oral health can have amazing benefits. Having healthy teeth and gums promotes self-confidence, improves our physical appearance, and improves our mouth’s health and general health. By having good oral health, you will get the following benefits:

1. Lifelong maintenance of our teeth

Engaging in dental hygiene practices such as flossing and brushing protects our teeth from destruction by decay through the food particles we eat. Only cleaning our teeth is not enough; you should ensure that you regularly visit your dentist; this ensures that your doctor checks for diseases such as a periodontist, tooth decay, or any disease that can result in tooth loss. By doing this, you will be maintaining your teeth for a more extended period. Research has also indicated that the number of teeth we have as we get older determines how long we will live. Find out more about oral health maintenance and dental care at temple terrace FL.

2. Maintains our appearance

People who have well-kept teeth and practice oral hygiene look more attractive. Halitosis occurs due to poor oral hygiene; this can show that you have tooth decay or an infection with the gums. This can be embarrassing and make us feel low about our self-image. Visiting your doctor for a checkup and treatment can improve our appearance since the doctor will help you deal with your teeth’ discoloration, thus improving how we feel about ourselves.

3. Prevention of diseases

If you do not look after your oral health, you will likely get diseases such as gum disease, tooth decay, cancer, and dementia. A recent case study concluded that women who are past the menopause period and have gum disease are more likely to develop cancer. A regular visit to a specialist will help detect, treat, and prevent such diseases.

What are the risks of poor oral health?

Specialists have suggested that poor oral hygiene speaks volumes about our overall health. Looking after your oral health promotes our general health. A study from the Academy of General Dentistry indicates that infection in the gums directly relates to other diseases such as heart failure and stroke. Poor oral health can also lead to mouth ulcers, cancer of the pancreas, oral pain due to gum infection, and digestion problems. It is recommended that you visit your doctor for a regular checkup and learn to practice dental hygiene such as flossing and brushing at least twice a day. Eating healthily and avoiding smoking promote our oral health and general health.

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