Create a Comfortable Corner for Relaxing

Create a Comfortable Corner for Relaxing

We all deserve somewhere we can relax and be ourselves. Even if you live on your own and have your whole home to yourself, you sometimes still want a quiet and peaceful corner that you can retreat to. By creating yourself a personal space where you can be yourself and get a few minutes of peace and quiet, you can improve your life in a small way. It’s not difficult to set up space where you can relax – just need to find a corner that you can claim as your own. Try out these ideas to create the perfect sanctuary for yourself.

Get the Lighting Right

Lighting can be an important part of how relaxing a space feels. When you’re deciding where you’re going to create your relaxing corner, think about the lighting during the day and in the evenings. Natural light is great in the daytime and can help you feel refreshed and energized. Choosing a spot close to a window can help you make the most of the sunlight. In the evening, you can choose how you want to light your space. But you still might want to consider how much lighting is already in a room and how you can alter it. You might be able to add a lamp or light or perhaps some candles.

Create a Comfortable Corner for Relaxing

Choose Something Comfortable to Sit On

You need to feel comfortable if you want to use your space for sitting or lounging. However, don’t feel that you have to confine your options to a chair. You might want to sit on the floor, with a yoga mat, cushions, and blankets. You could head to and check out the huge bean bags there. Think about what you would be most comfortable with. Some people want soft and squishy but others need something firmer.

Create Some Soothing Sounds

Stimulating all your senses in a relaxing way is a great way to enjoy your alone time. You might have some candles or incense to create some pleasant fragrances, and you can also add some sounds that you like. It could be anything from some wind chimes to a speaker that you can use to play anything you like, from nature sounds to your favorite music. Make sure you pick a quiet space in your home too, so that you’re not trying to filter out noise from outdoors or around the house.


Your space should be personal to you too. It should be easy to spot that it belongs to you and you should be able to fill it with things you like. You might choose to personalize it in different ways. You could use photos and artwork or maybe get some house plants or some fresh flowers to brighten up space. Choose colors that you like and motifs that you enjoy to create a relaxing space where you feel more at home than anywhere else.

Give yourself a relaxing space that you can enjoy in your own home.  Everyone deserves somewhere they can find some peace.


  1. I really need a place like this at home. You gave me some very interesting ideas to do. Gratitude!

  2. I really need to do this in our house. it’s something i have been planning for years.

  3. This would be a nice addition to my home. I am a big reader, and usually end up doing it on my bed! I would love to have a place specifically for peace!

  4. Oh this is something I need at my home very badly. I would love a little corner to call my own to sit, relax and read!

  5. Oh gosh! I would love to have a corner at home where I could relax and I don’t have this at the moment. I think it’s about time I plan on one.

  6. I have a similar idea for a comfortable place to unwind after a heavy day at work. Sometimes the body needs to have peace and harmony to get on with the next part of life. People get too stressed these days and need comfortable places like this (or do yoga of course) 😀

  7. Wow, I love your idea. It will solve my lack of room problem. Thank you very much! Pinned this for my guidance.

  8. This is so important! When we were house hunting, I told my boyfriend I needed a window seat area and if the house didn’t have one, it needed to be built. I did get one and it’s my personal space

  9. I would love to have my own place set up in my home to get away. I love these ideas.

  10. I would love to make a comfy little nook in our house. It is nice to have a place to relax and get away from the busy pace of the day. These are great ideas!

  11. Everyone needs a corner carved out for them to go and relax. Watch tv, read a good book or curl up and take a much needed nap.

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