Your Perfect Guide To Choosing Summer Wedding Flowers

When it comes to your big day, there’s a lot to think about: the guest list, who will sit next to whom at the wedding breakfast, and the best man’s speech. No wedding, however, would be complete without flowers. Flowers are a symbol of beauty and love and an integral part of your big day. 

Choosing flowers can be a challenge, especially if you are planning a summer wedding. Thanks to biology, most flowers bloom in the spring, not the summer, making availability a problem. Moreover, the type of flowers that you choose needs to fit your wedding theme. If it doesn’t, then it could create visual conflict. 

Working out the overall cost of flowers is also a challenge, given how many places they tend to show up. Venue flowers may be more expensive, for instance, than corsages for the mothers or bouquets for the bridesmaids. 

Figuring all these costs can be tricky. The following infographic, however, can help. It not only breaks down flowers by purpose but also how much you should expect to pay in each instance. Think of it as a kind of consumer guide, helping you decide whether you’re getting good value from your flower vendors or not. 

Also, check out the different varieties of flowers that you could choose and the emotions that they might evoke. Your flowers should reflect your personal style. Flowers can communicate that you are romantic, bold, wild, or modern. 

Infographic by  Claddagh Rings

So, now that you know your style and budget, what flowers will you choose for your wedding? 

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