Curating Your Perfect Day

Curating Your Perfect Day

The big day is decided. Your date is in your diary, and you can’t wait to say ‘I do’, or perhaps your own vows that will be the world to you. Your wedding day can be the first day of the rest of your life. You are a single entity, making a commitment to another – for life. And that is a pretty big thing. We all have ideas about how we want the day to go too. The things we want to happen and the people that we want to be there. In the end, it is about the marriage, and having a day to celebrate your love is a glorious thing. 

Here are a few days that you should think about when you are putting your wedding day together. 

Curating Your Perfect Day

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There are so many options about how to get the maximum amount of beautiful pictures from your wedding day. You can put disposable or instant cameras on the tables for your guests to take pictures, and you can sign up to an app so that people can upload mobile photos. But, of course, the best way to get amazing images is to hire the best wedding photographers


You can’t please everyone. It is important to remember that this is your day. You and your partner are celebrating your love for each other. Who you share it with should be people that you care about. However, typical of most weddings there will be people on either yours or your partner side that you really would prefer not to invite – but you probably will. Although many people will advise it is your day, and you shouldn’t invite people you don’t want there. Sometimes it isn’t worth the stress and aggravation before or after. You should have a chat with your partner and see what you want to do. But bolster the ranks with people that you genuinely adore and you won’t notice the ones that you don’t. 


You might have been picturing a considerable sit-down celebration for your meals. Wedding breakfast, then lunch and an evening meal. Or maybe you are excitedly searching for indie vegan food trucks. Just try to remember when you are sending out options that you might have some fussy eaters, some children, and allergies. So ask in advance of putting your menu together or booking your food trucks. Of course, there is always the option of making your own food! But try to stick to things that you enjoy and is important to you and your partner. 

There are going to be days in the run-up to the wedding when you are feeling stressed and sometimes putting the favours in small bags and making last-minute seating changes isn’t as exciting as you had hoped. But the truth is wedding days come and go in a flash. They are beautiful and fun, and you can connect in so many ways with the people around you and your partner too!


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