How To Get The Perfect Engagement Photos

How To Get The Perfect Engagement Photos

When you’re ready to announce your engagement to your friends and family, you’ll want to do so in a unique way. Engagement photos present an opportunity for you to showcase the life you look forward to sharing with your future spouse.

The beauty of engagement photos is that you have an abundance of ways to customize them. Inject your own creativity and fun to your photo designs to fit your style as a couple.

With all the details involved in creating beautiful engagement photos, here are some tips on getting the most out of your photo shoot.


Before you dive into the fun, you’ll want to make sure you select the right photographer for your shoot. Research the photographers in your area, check to see if their style aligns with your vision, and confirm that they’re awesome by looking at their reviews and prices.


How To Get The Perfect Engagement Photos

The colors you use will play a large role in determining the overall mood and style of your photo shoot. With the right color palette, you can elicit the right emotions in your photos. A good color palette will also help you choose your outfits and potentially determine the location of the shoot. When selecting your colors, be sure to think about the season in which your wedding will be held.


You can choose to stay local or travel to a well-known location for a beautiful photo. It could be on a sunny beach, in a bustling city, or in a tranquil forest—it all depends on the theme you’re aiming for.


Tying back to the colors you choose, your outfits should also enhance the aesthetic of your photos. Try on your outfits prior to ensure you like their look and feel. Remember to ask your photographer for tips and recommendations on what looks best on camera.

Props + Poses

How To Get The Perfect Engagement Photos


Experiment with different poses to bring out the tone and moods you’re looking for. You can mix and match sitting, standing and romantic poses.

Lastly, use creative photo props to mark this milestone of your relationship. Shutterfly created these super cute engagement photo props to match any couple’s style. Whether you and your partner love comics, want to include your pet in your photo shoot or decided on a rustic chic wedding, you’re sure to find the right prop!

How To Get The Perfect Engagement Photos


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