You’ve Got A Post-Vacation Glow. Let’s Keep It That Way

You’ve Got A Post-Vacation Glow. Let’s Keep It That Way

There is a period when you return from a vacation where nothing bothers you, even the things you hate. It’s as if you spent two weeks meditating with Buddhist monks rather than lying on a beach in Brisbane. That’s the beauty of the post-vacation feeling.

Everyone wants to keep it but life gets in the way. Before you know it, the kids are screaming and getting on your nerves, and the pressures of work return. Within a few days, your Zen is no longer apparent.

The good news is it can be if you are proactive and organized. These are the tips to remember.

Plan Ahead

When you arrive in a foreign town, it’s the little things that stress you out the most. Imagine trying to get a family of five onto a local bus while speaking a different language. The idea itself is a nightmare, never mind the actual execution. That’s why it’s vital to plan – to relieve the tension. Knowing which bus to get on to get to the beach or what restaurant to go to with children is a weight off of a parent’s mind. Therefore, you’re more likely to be in the moment and enjoy yourself instead of being stressed out. Poorly planned holidays don’t have a therapeutic effect.

Try The Local Cuisine

Different countries have foods which you may never have seen or eaten before. Although it makes the prospect of digging in a little scary, it’s well worth the attempt for lifestyle reasons. Take Southeast Asia as an example. Thai food is full of veggies and omega-3 fatty acids which increase brain function and fight negativity. Indonesia and Malaysia use Tongkat Ali extract from a plant to boost testosterone and improve their mood. The Japanese fill up on sushi which is important in hormone regulation. Not only should you try these and exploit the benefits on vacation, you should eat them at home also.

Think Back

You’ll hit your happiness baseline pretty quickly after your return home, like hitting the earth with a bump. However, it is possible to re-feel those emotions by remembering the past. Reliving the times which made you laugh and smile will encourage the body and the brain to release the same endorphins and improve your mood. And, it’s as straightforward as looking through a photo album or the pictures on your digital camera. You can also try reminiscing with friends and the people who went on holiday.

Be Strong

It’s easy to slip into old habits; it’s difficult to stick to new ones. If the latter is important to you, then it’s time to set a goal and try and hit the target. Tell yourself you’re not going to let life get you down to the level you were at before. Instead, you will make a conscious effort to let things go and not get weighed down. Although it’s corny, positive thinking can relieve stress as it puts things into perspective.

So, force your brain into remembering the past and being strong. Doesn’t that sound like it should work?



  1. Wow! These are some exceptional tips which I’ll definitely try to bear in mind, Terri. Saving your post to reread it as it contains essential tips. 😉

  2. What a wonderful post! I used to feel so bummed after a vacay, because I hated that it was over. Now it just inspires me to work hard, so I can go on another one! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. This is so true! You always want to hold on to that feeling or go on another vacation of course!

  4. Good ideas – I really like the last one! Forming new habits is always challenging- I find setting reminders in my phone or adding them to my calendar can help.

  5. Excellent travel tips! I am BIG on planning ahead with room for change once we get to our destination. It definitely takes the stress out and helps all of us relax and have a better trip! We always read all the reviews of all the restaurants we want to try and book in advance if possible. With backup places just in case. Nothing worse than finding an alternate place to eat with two hungry children!

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