Taking Care of a Puppy. The Best way Possible.

Taking care of a puppy - The best way possible

There is a very good reason that dogs are the most popular pet in the UK. They are adorable! Sadly, some owners adopt puppies without first considering how to properly take care of them; and an unhappy puppy leads to an ill-trained, ill-tempered adult dog that can cause distress and harm to other dogs, their family, and themselves.

Fortunately, while adopting a puppy is a big responsibility, there are only a few simple things you need to keep in mind to ensure your puppy grows up healthy and well behaved.

Vet & Vaccinations

Your vet will become your new best friend and your go-to advisor for keeping your puppy happy. Beyond administering the recommended vaccinations—giving your puppy the best chance of living a full and healthy life—your vet will be on hand to treat unforeseen medical issues and advise you about your puppy’s mood and behavior, how to socialize and train them, and how to settle them in their new home.

A Puppy Diet


Puppies have a lot of growing to do, so they should be fed a diet of puppy food (rather than adult dog food) to ensure they get all the nutrients they need. However, while an adult dog only needs to be fed twice per day, puppies should be fed their recommended daily amount of food spread across smaller portions—say, six meals per day—to prevent them from eating too much at once. Natural pet food specialists James Wellbeloved have created a handy puppy feeding guide to help owners know how much to feed their puppy in each sitting, and when to transition to fewer, larger meals.

Start Training Early

The sooner you begin training your puppy, the more quickly they will learn life-long habits which make them easier to manage, meaning you will both be more content.

The best way to train your dog is to positively reinforce good behavior while ignoring bad behavior. Instead of scolding your dog when they do something wrong (e.g. urinating inside the house), praise and reward them when they do something right (e.g. urinating outside). Dogs don’t enjoy being ignored, so they will quickly learn to repeat the behaviors which make you respond.

Socialize With Other Dogs

Interacting with other dogs is also a great way for your puppy to learn boundaries and social etiquette. It might be scary the first time a larger dog barks at your puppy, but this is actually teaching them about boundaries and when they are being too rough or invasive. Ultimately, these early interactions will make them feel more at ease around other dogs, and, so, more likely to behave in a friendly and safe manner with other dogs, people, and children.

Play Every Day

Regular play sessions aren’t only great ways to keep your puppy exercised, but are the best way for you both to bond. The closer you become, the more they will feel relaxed around you, and the happier they will be.



  1. Puppies are so irresistibly cute! Ty for sharing this article we have been contemplating getting a new puppy but then I think of all the work involved

  2. Dogs are definitely mans best friend, they are by far the most popular pets all over the world. Its really sad that a lot of people don’t count the costs before deciding to own one.

  3. Great tip for new pup owners. Never owned one but maybe one day I will!

  4. I have had dogs for most of my life and currently have a 5 month old pupply. He is the first dog we have EVER socialized with other dogs and it has made a huge difference. None of our other dogs liked to be around dogs…now I know why!

  5. Not only in UK. Same here in India. We are all in love with dogs. Nice set of advises. I used to have dogs but dont now. I will pass on the info to some one needing it.

  6. I wish we had gotten out dogs as puppies. We got our first dog when he was about 7 or 8 months old and had to train him all over again. We got our second dog when she was 2 years old. They place we adopted her from said we had to train her as part of our contract, so we took her to training, but she is the WORST leash walker, still, despite our efforts and likes to run all over the neighborhood when one of the kids accidentally lets her out. I can’t help but think that if we had her as a puppy, it would have been better for training her to stay in the yard.

  7. You made my day. You are totally blessed with these cute little puppies. We are deciding to get one puppy for us. I am always concern and researching on the topic how to take good care of them. It’s a good informative post.

  8. These puppies look so cute!! I love dogs, these days some people just buy a pet dog or a puppy for the sake of having a pet and do not take care of them properly. They need to start taking care of their pets and they will know how lovely this creatures are.

  9. Puppies are the cutest! We plan on getting another furry baby soon.

  10. OMG I love puppies so much! These ones are so so so cute!!!

  11. Thanks for these tip. I had a pet once, and planning to have another, will make sure, I take care of him, much better this time around.

  12. These are great tips. I’ve had a few pups in my lifetime. Keep that puppy tired from playing is the key.

  13. Play every day, as long as you possibly can and it will keep them tuckered.

  14. Such cute puppies. I don’t own a pet, but I know the importance of taking them to the vet, surprisingly most pet owners don’t do this until there is an incident. These are wonderful suggestions.

  15. Oh puppies! They are so sweet and so much work. These are great tips, thank you for putting something like this together for others!

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