Threescore and ten years ago… I don’t know if anyone was crazy as a bat like I was ten years ago when the Casey Anthony trial was going on but I was obsessed with watching the news 24/7 during that time. In my mind, I had her guilty and hanged […]


Modern life and wellness don’t naturally go hand in hand, despite the growing awareness of the importance of wellness in our society. We move too fast, take on too much work, and don’t look after ourselves as much as we should. When we adopt the “work hard, live hard” mantra, […]

Indore – the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh – is rich in history and architecture as well as the modern business. This is the reason it is said that Indore attracts all varieties of tourists including nature lovers, history lovers, adventurer, and foodies. The city is famous for Rajwada palaces […]

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