Chic Summer Additions

Summer is here and that means that you are busy decorating your home if you have not already. If you have not already done so, you are in luck because today, I want to share with you a few chic summer additions that you can add to your home. Shabby chic touches are great all year round, but these items are really just screaming “summer,” in my opinion. If you do have these items in your home all year round, don’t stress out about it! I’m definitely not saying these are 100% for the summer. Some of these items, like ruffles, are used in my home throughout the entire year, as well. It just comes down to your preference and everyone is different! Let’s jump into a few of my favorite chic summer additions for your home:


Peonies, roses, and hydrangeas are some of my favorites. There are so many fresh beautiful flowers that are blooming right now and it is the perfect touch to add to your home, especially when you have guests that are coming over. If you do not want to go the fresh flower route, don’t be scared to go with fake (or faux) flowers! HomeGoods and other home decor stores have amazingly real options out there right now for your use! One way that I love to include flowers is by placing them in a pitcher or even an antique milk carton (the glass ones!).


Ruffles are an essential part of a shabby chic home! If you search ‘shabby chic’ on Pinterest, you are guaranteed to have ruffles pop up. They are so cute, in my opinion, and you can never go wrong with ruffles! There are many tutorials for ruffle pillowcases and comforters, all of which are very useful. I love ruffles on shower curtains and in kids’ rooms, as well.

Distressed Wood

Once again, distressed wood is in a lot of shabby chic pictures on Pinterest and Google. If you want to distress furniture yourself, there are many tutorials online, such as this one by Home Edit. They say in their tutorial, “One of the most wonderful surfaces to work within this case is solid pine furniture. It’s ideal to apply distressing to such a furniture piece and the results are exquisite. The final appearance is often called a patina and this term is usually used when describing antique pieces. Keep in mind that distressing can be applied to various different types of surfaces, not just wood. This includes glass, metal, plastic, stone, concrete, and even plaster.”


Chic Summer Additions

Indoor house plants and outside plants are so in right now! I wouldn’t necessarily say they are shabby chic, but they are most definitely chic and add a lot of interest to a room. One plant that is very ‘in’ right now is a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, but beware when you purchase one because they are very picky. One of my friends has one and she has to keep it in a certain room, positioned a certain way, and can only water it half a cup on Wednesdays and Sundays. If she changes anything up with this routine, the plant loses a leaf. It is crazy how picky it is! There are many plants that are very easy to care for, so if you do not have a green thumb, a fiddle leaf fig tree might not be the best option for your home.


Now, I don’t mean a lavender plant, although that would be nice, as well. The color lavender has been a huge hit lately, especially in shabby chic decor – it is beautiful and it is the perfect color for spring and summer weather. You could paint a vase, or a pot a lavender color, add some throw pillows in, or grab some fresh lavender and display it.

Window Films

Chic Summer Additions


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