3 Fun Physical Activities to Keep Your Kids Active

3 Fun Physical Activities to Keep Your Kids Active

As kids become more and more distracted by TVs, phones, Tik Tok and video games, it can be difficult to keep your little ones active while limiting their screentime. This is unfortunate, particularly because children are bursting with energy just waiting to be used. Luckily, there are plenty of fun games out there to get your kids moving and entertained at the same time. To help them get active, we’ve provided our three favorite physical activities below. If you have less time a soft play centre is a great idea, these bouncing soft play centres are spouting up everywhere over the UK

1. Connect The Dots

3 Fun Physical Activities to Keep Your Kids Active

This first activity is a revamp of the classic game of Connect the Dots. In this version, however, you can only connect the dots after you’ve completed the corresponding exercise detailed in the printable above. 

For example, when your little one jumps rope for a total of 10 jumps, they can connect dots 1-6. From there, they might do 10 repetitions of elbow-to-knee’s (5 on each knee), allowing them to connect dots 7-10. Once they finish every activity, their hard work will be rewarded when the dots connect to reveal a hidden image!

Since there are a lot of leg movements in this game, make sure that your kid’s feet are protected. The last thing you want is for them to end up with a stubbed toe or aching feet. To that end, you may want to be on the lookout for some affordable black Friday shoes this holiday season. 

2. Bingo Burst

3 Fun Physical Activities to Keep Your Kids Active

For activity #2, we have an exercise challenge called Bingo Burst. This game gives your youngster the opportunity to unleash their creativity with coloring while getting their body moving. 

The rules of the game are simple. There are five exercises that correspond to each letter in the word “Bingo.” For each exercise your child completes, they get to color in one letter. For example, when your kid performs burpees for 30 seconds, they can then color in the “B” in “Bingo” and move on to the next exercise and letter.

Once your little one is finished, they will have a fully colored “Bingo” that you can hang on the fridge to celebrate their accomplishment. 

3. 100 Point Challenge

3 Fun Physical Activities to Keep Your Kids Active

Finally, once your little one has completed the other games, they can participate in the 100 Point Challenge. For this game, kids can play in a number of ways. In every variation of the game, however, for every exercise a player completes, they’ll earn a set number of points. 

For example, when your youngster completes easier challenges, like doing 10 crunches, they will receive 2 points. Then, when they complete harder challenges, like holding a plank for one minute, they will receive more points.

Detailed in the printable are three different ways to play. Your child can compete for a high score, doing as many exercises as they can, or simply complete exercises until they reach 100 points. Alternatively, they can partner up with another player and work together to reach their goal. 

You can download all of the printables by clicking this link. 


Encouraging kids to get active can be easier said than done. With the above activities, however, you can keep your kids entertained and physically fit at the same time. Who knows? When you see your kid having a blast, you may even want to join in on the fun yourself. 

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