Magstix For Quiet Play That’s Calming

Magstix For Quiet Play That’s Calming

Magstix For Quiet Play That’s Calming

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School is out and in full force and already the kids are complaining of being bored.  Normally we would have already gone on one or more trips but this year we haven’t been able to because I broke a bone in my vertebrae.  But that’s a whole other post so be sure to sign up for my newsletter to see how I’m coping and what I’ve been taking/using.

Back to the post at hand, we’re talking about toys and my sanity today, lol.  Having recently received a BizyBeez MagStix Sensory Magnetic STEM Toy from the makers of this amazing sensory toy set, I will now be able to ward off boredom.   This 41 piece set is going to save my summer, schools out, sanity.   I love educational and imaginative play and when I find toys that help in these areas, I like to share them with you.  You can find more suggestions on my above menu bar.

I especially love magnetic toys because, well, it’s easy to find them if they’re clumped all together, in the kid’s toy boxes.  Plus it makes putting them together easier for smaller hands.  The toys stimulate both the logic and creative parts of the brain and provide hours of entertainment.  When we are able to travel again, I’ll be able to take these toys along on our travels.  And because there are so many parts, the kids can build something new and unique each and every time.  Please click here to learn more:

Even Chelsea wants in on the action.

Magstix For Quiet Play That’s Calming

This set is designed with kids ages 3 and up.  You can buy your set on Amazon by clicking on the above link or the below image, and if you’re not 100 % impressed and satisfied (you will be), you can return the set free of charge.

Magstix For Quiet Play That’s Calming


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