A Support Service With Dignity and Respect

A Support Service With Dignity and Respect

Lifeplan understands the power that respect and independence can deliver to an individual, so it provides a tailored approach for every individual and their unique needs.  A person with disabilities is no different to anyone else and similarly requires such autonomy over their own life.  Lifeplan works with every individual to provide disability support services in a positive way, ensuring dignity and respect are constant factors in the plan of your life and your future. 

A Personalized Approach

Social support services are the key approach of Lifeplan, offering one-to-one services for the individual, tailored to their specific needs.  Lifeplan provides support social services to work alongside the individual and their families to achieve the best plan possible, incorporating engagement with coordinators and local planners.  Some individuals prefer home support, which is designed with a creative approach by Lifeplan.  

Conversely, other individuals require community disability support services in order to increase community engagement, perform cb daily activity, and forge a connection.  Whichever approach is preferred, Lifeplan works with the individual to design an approach as unique as they are, helping the individual to connect with their community, achieve personal development, engage in activities they are interested in, develop skills for the workplace and independent living, and access a range of respite services. 

Services Offered

Whatever the needs and desires of the individual, Lifeplan can tailor a plan to deliver complete satisfaction and quality.  With a vast amount of experience across the industry, Lifeplan offers a daily living and social support service which includes personal care and motivation in addition to any help and support which the individual needs, ensuring complete respect and dignity at all times.  

For those individuals who wish to live independently, Lifeplan can offer support with housework and home admin tasks, as well as any other support required.  In addition to independent living support and daily living support, social service support and help are available to attend recreational activities, providing the individual with the ability to improve their physical and mental health whilst making friends in the community and gaining independence.  

Dignity and Commitment

Lifeplan offers a commitment to the individual, recognizing the uniqueness possessed by the individual and the positivity created through self-expression of the individual.  Along with each tailored plan, dignity and respect are at the center at all times, adapting to meet any need or desire required by the individual.  

Long-term relationships flourish between the individual and Lifeplan, supporting the family as a whole throughout the journey and throughout life as a whole.  Whichever services you require, you can be assured that a professional service will be provided, through listening to the individual and their families.  A fleet of modified vehicles is available, perfect for wheelchair access as well as personalized support equipment and needs.  

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