Get Expert Kidney Transplant Surgery in Cypress, TX

Get Expert Kidney Transplant Surgery in Cypress, TX

Thousands of Americans receive kidney transplants each year, with more than a hundred thousand Americans waiting to get a donor. A kidney transplant provides the best treatment option for kidney failure as compared to a lifetime on dialysis. It can effectively treat end-stage renal illness or chronic kidney disease to help you relieve your symptoms and live longer. If you have a donor, the experienced team at Houston Kidney Specialists Center provides expert kidney transplant surgeries and comprehensive care before, during, and after your transplant. For an effective kidney transplant in Cypress, call or book an appointment online today.

What is a kidney transplant?

This refers to an operation aimed at replacing a non-functional or damaged kidney with another healthy kidney from a donor. The kidneys eliminate extra fluid and waste products from your blood.  When they fail to clean your blood efficiently, harmful fluid and waste products accrue in your body, which is not good for your general health.

Why would you require a kidney transplant?

A kidney transplant serves as an effective treatment option for end-stage renal illness, commonly referred to as kidney failure.  The condition happens when your kidneys lose 90% or more of their functionality. The common causes of kidney failure include diabetes, uncontrolled hypertension, polycystic kidney disease, chronic inflammation in your kidneys, lupus, and other autoimmune illnesses. Most people do not notice they have a kidney disease even during the advanced stages of the illness. It is hence advisable to schedule an appointment with Houston Kidney Specialists Center if you experience symptoms such as changes in the quantity of your urine, nausea, muscle cramps, or swelling in your legs and feet.

How should you get ready for a kidney transplant?

When you go to the hospital for a kidney transplant, the physician offers a detailed pre-surgical consultation, including personalized instructions for your surgery preparation. The team will take you through a physical assessment to ensure you are sufficiently healthy for the procedure and confirm that your tissue and blood match to the donor.  You will need to fast prior to the surgery and prepare for recovery in the hospital after the surgery.

What should you expect during a kidney transplant?

You will be put under anesthesia during the kidney transplant operation. The surgeon will make an incision on your abdomen’s side and put the new kidney into your body. They will then connect the ureter and blood vessels to the new kidney. The provider normally leaves your previous kidneys in place unless they may be causing complications such as kidney stones, infections, and high blood pressure.

What should you do after the kidney transplant?

After the surgery, you will spend about a week recovering in the hospital. The doctors will monitor your condition and ensure the body accepts the new kidney and that it begins to filter your blood. Your provider will thoroughly review your aftercare before releasing you to go home. However, you require regular checkups to assess your kidney function and take medicines for the rest of your life to protect the new kidney.

In conclusion, a kidney transplant is the best treatment option for you if you suffer from kidney failure. If you need a kidney transplant in and around Cypress, Texas, call or book an appointment online with Houston Kidney Specialists Center today. 

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