3 Things You Can Do If Your House Isn’t Selling

3 Things You Can Do If Your House Isn't Selling

Selling your home is always going to be a long process and patience is key. Buying a house isn’t the kind of thing that you just rush into so you’re going to get buyers that have second thoughts and you might have to go through a few people before you find somebody that is willing to sign the paperwork. However, there is a limit to that patience and sometimes, people find that their house just isn’t selling even though it’s been on the market for a long while. You’re going to need to sell your house to fund your move so you can’t wait around forever. If your house just won’t sell, here are a few things you can try to speed the process along. 

3 Things You Can Do If Your House Isn't Selling

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Make Renovations 

If you’re getting a lot of viewings but people don’t seem that impressed by the house, you’re probably missing something. People want to be blown away by a house when they view it and they also want to see key features that make a house more attractive. If you think that your house might be lacking in those key features, it’s worth making some renovations that add value to the home and make it easier to sell. General maintenance around the home and a fresh coat of paint will go a long way but you could also consider adding a conservatory or converting a garage or attic into another room. These changes will make the house far more attractive to buyers and you should be able to sell it a lot easier.  

Find An International Real Estate Agent 

If you can’t get anybody in the local area interested, why not throw the net out further and see if you can catch a buyer or check out this guide on ways to sell my house for cash fast? If you use an international estate agent that can source potential buyers from around the globe, you stand a much better chance of selling. Companies like William Pitt Sotheby’s international realty have contacts in so many different countries so you won’t be limited to local buyers that don’t really have much interest. By widening the scope of your search, you should be able to find a buyer fairly quickly. 

Rent It Out 

If you’ve already moved into a new house, you could consider renting the old one out if you can’t find a buyer. It will give you a regular income and cover the mortgage so you don’t need to worry about selling right away. You can also offer a rent to buy deal to people if they’re unsure about the property. They can rent the house, usually for slightly higher than market cost, with the guarantee that they can buy it for the asking price if they decide that they want to stay. This is a great way of taking some of the financial strain off and trying to entice a buyer at the same time so it’s definitely worth considering. 

In some cases, you just have to play the waiting game and eventually, your house will sell. But if you’re desperate to find a buyer in a hurry, these are the best ways to speed things up. 


  1. It can be frustrating when your home is not selling. I’ve found a few things helpful.

    1. A fresh coat of neutral paint can change the entire look.
    2. Clutter or huge furniture needs to be removed.
    3. Outdated, never sells.

  2. It is frustrating when your house doesn’t sell. I think also working on the curb appeal can help, or waiting for the peak time of year (usually May, I think?). That’s a good idea to rent as well, so you can make money towards mortgage etc.

  3. Renovating is really important.

  4. I agree but what my uncle really is doing is yes renovate it. Well, its turning out well so might as well follow what they do also.

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