A Welcoming Front: Creating Some Curbside Appeal On Your Property

A Welcoming Front: Creating Some Curbside Appeal On Your Property

There’s nothing better than coming home to a an exterior you feel proud of; a warm welcome when you reach your drive, can begin before you’ve even got out of the car. It can be easy to focus on the renovation and decoration of your interior space; however, it’s always worth putting the same effort into the exterior of your house. An attractive, and well-maintained outside space, will ensure that any damage or problems, don’t start creeping-into the inside of your household. You’ll also benefit from being a stylish addition to your street; this is particularly handy if you’re planning to sell at any point in the future. You don’t want to decide to sell, and then have a major project ahead of you, due to potential buyers being put off, before they even enter the property. Therefore, there’s no better time, than right now, to start thinking about how to improve things curbside, for the years ahead.

It might seem a little overwhelming; however, there are an array of things you can do, so, there’ll be something to suit every budget and lifestyle. Sometimes, it’s the simple changes, that can make a major difference. It’s time to access the front of your home, and to begin listing where and what needs upgrading, changing, and improving. You can then prioritise things, and work out what you’ll spend where. Sticking to your budget can be a challenge, so it’s worth seeking out the reputable companies, that will help you upgrade things, early-on, and getting detailed quotes as soon as possible. Doing your research will ensure that you have a clear idea of time, effort, and cost so that the process will go smoothly, and be stress-free. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those about to give their house a boost, by ensuring its exterior is as attractive as it can be.

A Welcoming Front: Creating Some Curbside Appeal On Your Property

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Windows And Doors

The windows and doors on the front of your home can be an attractive feature, but, they also need to be functional. You’ll want to think about the security aspect, ensure that they’re watertight and weather-proof, and they’ll need to be aesthetically pleasing too. Therefore, these are areas to update and invest-in, before you have any problems. Shabby and tired paintwork, could just mean that they need sanding, and a fresh coat of paint. You could consider a new color; darker shades, like black and gray, are becoming popular choices for many, so might be worth thinking about. If you spot any damage, holes, or warping; it might be time to replace them completely. Make sure you contact a qualified specialist, and ensure that you get a few quotes; often, companies will do great deals on multiple replacements, so it’s worth exploring your options. Keep any glass clean from the outside and inside so that you have appealing, fresh windows, that you, potential buyers, and passers-by, will appreciate.

If you have a garage to the front of your property, it’ll take up plenty of space. Therefore, it’s crucial that it looks as new and clean as possible, and boasts all those functional aspects, like security and ease of use, that were previously mentioned. If your garage door has seen better days, it’ll either need to be fixed and repaired, or replaced; therefore, you’ll want to check out companies who specialize in garages, their doors, and their upkeep. Again, you’ll be able to get quotes, and make an informed decision regarding your budget and style choices.

A Welcoming Front: Creating Some Curbside Appeal On Your Property

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Walls And Divides

The outside walls to your house are the largest surface area that are on show. They’ll also take the brunt of any weather, making them vulnerable to damage, not to mention, looking tired and run-down. It’s time to access if they need new cladding, or perhaps some cracks and gaps need filling-in, or maybe it’s a case of painting the property again. A fresh coat of paint will lift your exterior instantly, and your home will be looking new again. Booking a professional company to come and repair, paint, or both, is your best option. However, if you do take on the painting task yourself, make sure you invest in paint that’s suitable for the outside of properties, and best goes on brick, stone, or whatever your house materials are.

If you have fences or walls that divide the street from your property; it’s time to give them the same treatment. Clean, fresh paint, or woodstain, will give the outside a boost, and give everything some longevity for the years ahead. Why not consider some different colors again? Grays, black, darks browns and greens, are great options, and any marks or damage are less likely to show-up. Replace damaged wood and fences, and sand edges for a smooth silhouette.

A Welcoming Front: Creating Some Curbside Appeal On Your Property


Flora And Fauna

A simple and effective way to give your house-exterior a major boost, is to invest in the greenery, and the natural elements of the space. Keeping any grass tidy, weeded, and neatly mowed, will always make a neat impact. And, the addition of pot plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers, will make a nice front yard into a beautiful one. Hanging baskets beside your front door are another way to bring a decorative element to the property, and you’ll be able to draw attention that new door you’ve invested-in. Invest in some low maintenance options; speak to someone at your local garden center so that you can pick-up the right flora and fauna for your home.

Paths And Driveways

You don’t want the path leading to your front door to be a hazard; if cobbles or paving are broken or wobbly; you’re at risk of tripping over, and so are your visitors. The same goes for your driveway; cracks and damage are unattractive, and can prematurely age a property (in a bad way). Therefore, fill holes, fix any wobbles, and know when it’s time to invest in a new path or driveway altogether. Any of the updates and improvements mentioned, will ensure that your home gets a boost it deserves, and will remain attractive for the years ahead.


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