3 Tips to Enjoy Your Solo Travels to New Jersey

3 Tips to Enjoy Your Solo Travels to New Jersey

Traveling alone doesn’t have to be scary. You may have been thinking about it for some time. You may have thought you wouldn’t actually do it. But, finally, you’ve made the commitment and have decided to take a vacation on your own. 

Stay in a hotel, a hostel, or go camping – the choice is entirely yours. The beauty of traveling solo is that this trip is all about you. And, New Jersey is waiting with open arms.

Connect With Locals

3 Tips to Enjoy Your Solo Travels to New Jersey

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An unaccompanied adventurer might feel isolated or even lonely at some point in their journey. Take a mind-clearing deep breath and relax – you may as well have ‘traveler’ stamped on your forehead. Smile. Be open to conversation. Despite what daily newspapers suggest, people love to help others and strangers will approach you at random with helpful advice and friendly guidance. It won’t be difficult to shake any unwanted solitude.

Seek out group tours and meet up with other wanderers, or try websites offering a shared meal or accommodation with a resident. Locals are easily the best source of what’s trending in your surrounds, and often provide information that’s impossible to get elsewhere. 

Take Time for You

Immerse yourself in a new experience, something you wouldn’t normally do at home. Consider a mountain hike in a wildlife reserve, or an afternoon of birdwatching. Alternatively, eat your way around the world in the Gateway Region’s various restaurants. African, Brazilian, Thai, Italian – there’s an impressive array to choose from. Or even treat yourself to a day spa; the ultimate indulgence if you’ve left family, fur-babies, or a demanding job at home. 

If you’re after a thrill in a social atmosphere, try your hand at ax-throwing (yes, it’s a thing). Each summer, the Montclair Film Festival attracts a few stars and serves up cinematic treats. There’s also the Thomas Edison National Historic Park house and exhibit. Kip’s Castle is another beautiful destination. The replica medieval Norman palace sits on verdant, sprawling grounds, creating an amazing backdrop for selfies.

Ensure Your Own Protection

Make sure someone knows where you are. Perhaps share your itinerary with a family member or trusted friend, and message people you know so they know you’re OK. Don’t take risks with alcohol. Know your limit and stick to it as you’ll need your wits about you to get home and stay safe. 

Also, keep important documents, like your passport, identification papers, and personal details, in a secure location. A hotel room safe is the smartest option. You may regret touring with documents in your backpack if you lose the bag or have it stolen, and leaving papers or a memory stick in your suitcase could be dicey, too.

The most important tip, however, is to have fun! A hectic life, too many obligations, mounting worries; these will all fade into the distance the moment you unwind and really make the most of your solo break. So do it – book that holiday today.

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