Eco friendly Travel Gear That Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Eco friendly Travel Gear That Doesn't Cost the Earth

Sustainability is a word that’s on everyone’s lips these days, isn’t it?  Even Prince Harry’s this morning – which is great news…

And finding ways to enjoy our leisure time without harming the environment is becoming increasingly popular.

Eco friendly Travel Gear That Doesn't Cost the Earth

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We all know how important it is in terms of the ‘big stuff’ – taking less plane journeys, for example. But even the small decisions we make are important – including the accessories we take with us on our travels.

So we thought we’d look at environmentally friendly alternatives to your usual holiday, or day out, essentials. They’re just as good – even better – than standard travel items. And your leisure time feels even more rewarding when you’re truly kind to the world around you.

Canvas tote

This is a given really, but the humble tote is a versatile little lifesaver when you’re out on the road. As well as being handy for shopping outings, obviously,  they’ve also got a whole range of other uses. You can use one to keep your electronics and valuables together in your rucksack.. Or to carry your lunch on a day of exploring – even to separate washing. They’re small, easily foldable, and you can pack a surprising amount inside them.


Most of us have one of these, don’t we, but it’s worth restating their usefulness on any kind of trip.  They’re available in a range of sustainable materials too now, including bamboo, at an affordable price. They’re the perfect way to ‘have your coffee and drink it’ on the road, without having to resort to takeaway cups. And you can also use them for water, soft drinks and juice – even a quick sneaky wine, if you feel like it!

And while we’re on the subject, don’t forget your….

Reusable cutlery

We’re all aware of how damaging plastics can be – but then we go and pack that flimsy white cutlery, don’t we? Not only is it pretty useless, it’s also not sustainable – and often can’t be recycled properly either. So why not carry a bamboo cutlery set in your rucksack instead? Even a spork is a really useful, versatile item to have with you.

Eco friendly Travel Gear That Doesn't Cost the Earth

Pexels – CCO Licence

Solar charger

There’s nothing worse than running out of power when you’re out on the road is there? It can really make your holiday fall flat! And finding a reliable way of charging your gear can often be a major hassle.. A solar charger is kind to the environment and can be used anywhere off grid – so it’s a really useful addition to your travel bag. 

Wooden hiking stick

Hiking sticks and staffs are great for walking trips – but sadly too often not for our environment. Many are made of fibreglass, metal, plastic or other non organic materials – which are not sustainable. So why not choose a wooden alternative instead?  They’re compostable, ergonomic and environmentally friendly – many are handcrafted and beautiful too! So they really are the best hiking sticks –  and a no brainer for your next walking adventure.

We hope these few tips have inspired you to rethink your holiday essentials checklist. And how it impacts the world around us. Because, with just a few changes, it really is possible to make the most of valuable leisure time – without costing the earth. Happy travelling!

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