Beauty Abroad – 5 Tips For Getting Beauty Treatments While Traveling Or Living Overseas

Beauty Abroad - 5 Tips For Getting Beauty Treatments While Traveling Or Living Overseas

Whether you’re treating yourself to premium care from the top cosmetic dentist in Vietnam or the best cosmetic tattooist in Melbourne, there are many benefits to getting beauty treatments abroad. For long-term travelers and expats, there’s the simple matter of convenience. For those traveling specifically for the beauty treatment, there’s the benefit of being able to access providers who are either more skilled, more affordable, or both. 

Of course, all good things come with some potential pitfalls, so to ensure you have the best possible experience while getting beauty treatments abroad, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Always value quality over price

Countries like Vietnam and Mexico have excellent doctors, stylists, and beauty therapists who can help you with everything from haircuts to cosmetic procedures at very affordable prices. When determining who to entrust with your beauty (and your health and wellbeing), price may be a consideration, but it shouldn’t be your primary one. The reputation of the provider, their qualifications, and their certification must always be your main deciding factor. If you cannot afford a reputable provider, then now is not the time to get that treatment. Make it a goal to save for instead of putting your trust in someone risky. 

2. Do your research

To determine whether a provider is reputable, you will need to do some research. You’ll want to check their qualifications and the institutions from which they were obtained. If everything is legitimate, your next step is to look for reviews from past clients or patients. You may also wish to post questions about the provider on local expat forums and Facebook groups just in case truthful comments have been deleted or buried by fake positive reviews

3. Book a consultation

Unless it’s a simple haircut, you should never go into a beauty treatment without having a consultation first. Things like thread lifts, cosmetic tattooing, and laser hair removal can come with pain, recovery time, potential complications, and specific healing instructions that you must understand fully before committing to the procedure. A consultation also allows you to get a feel for the provider to see whether your instincts tell you that you can trust them. If you feel uncomfortable, rushed, or pressured, don’t be afraid to walk out and find someone more suitable. 

4. Listen to your instincts

The idea of walking out on a medical professional or beauty therapist seems easy in theory, but when you’re in the room with them, social pressure and other factors can make you cave. However, this is one situation in which going with the flow can backfire on you spectacularly. It may be easier to sit there and let the treatment happen, but if your instincts are telling you there’s a problem, it’s essential that you act on them. Tell the provider that you need time to think about the treatment, and then take some time to think things over and discuss your feelings with someone you trust. 

5. Listen to your loved ones

You may be convinced that this two-for-one Brazilian butt lift and breast enlargement combo is too good to pass up. However, your loved ones have far more objectivity on the matter than you do. If your partner, mother, or best friend is telling you it’s a bad idea, it’s important to give their opinion genuine consideration. They could be saving your life. 

Stick to these tips, listen to your instincts, and you’ll have the best chance of getting the results you’re seeking.

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