COVID and Rendezvous: Opportunities and Problems During Traveling

COVID and Rendezvous Opportunities and Problems During Traveling

Plan Ahead to Save Yourself the Headaches 

Description: With the pandemic sweeping across the planet, it can be pretty scary to think about traveling. But after the lockdowns have been lifted, many folks want to know if it is safe to travel during COVID now that they can move freely. We have the answer.

The travel and tourist industries took a huge hit when COVID swept across the global landscape, and many nations forced quarantines and lockdowns. Even today, with all the lockdowns lifted, many countries have imposed a ten-day quarantine on visitors from abroad. It all makes you wonder if it is safe to travel with COVID still affecting the world or if one should be cautious for a bit longer.

We know. Your wanderlust has reached its peak, and you need to venture to new places and stretch your legs and your vacation dollars. And surely the pandemic is not as big a deal in remote locations as it is in the more metropolitan places, right? Tell that to Bali, a small, beautiful island getaway off of Indonesia that has been ravaged by the effects of COVID. The truth is unless you do your research, it is foolish to assume.

Should I Travel During COVID?

The prudent answer is “no.” But, there are some variables that can make it easier to pick your travel destination. Let’s start with the reasons why it is not wise. For one, COVID has a very high transmission rate, a myriad of symptoms that are not at all pleasant, and many places have forced quarantines for visitors. The one thing you have going for you is it’s incredibly low mortality rate, especially if you are healthy.

Well, can you still travel during COVID? If you don’t mind the ten-day quarantine, you actually have lots of choices for travel. International travel has been simplified to wearing a mask on planes, ships, and other modes of transport. But you should research the protocols for the area you intend to visit. They may have strict guidelines that your home country does not enforce.

Then there is the question: is it selfish to travel during COVID? Only you can decide that, but most of us rationalize it in our favor, so it is often deemed an acceptable choice. The caveat is if you intend to travel with someone in a high-risk category of health. Then, yes, you are putting someone in danger for your own need to get out and explore, and thus, it is a selfish, dangerous, and borderline criminal decision.

Where Can I Go Safely During COVID?

If you found yourself at a travel agent who still operates during COVID and asked them where are safe places to travel during COVID, beware. They might not be the most honorable sort. Even so, there are a few spots that they might suggest. According to the best dating sites, these will work if you got married during the pandemic and wish to also know where to travel during COVID for honeymoon bliss.

1.     Italy

COVID and Rendezvous Opportunities and Problems During Traveling

Italians took the forced quarantine in stride, singing to each other from balconies and sharing in the wealth of culture and a sense of community to keep everyone healthy and safe. Because of this, Italy opened its doors to travelers, and their industries and tourism are again thriving. They have their own rules about COVID protocols, but to experience all that Italy has to offer is worth it.

2.     New England, USA

COVID and Rendezvous Opportunities and Problems During Traveling

From provincial bed and breakfasts to gorgeous drives through the falling leaves, New England has lots to see as Summer turns to fall each year, and fall is by far the best time to visit. Plenty of festive events, live shows, and historical reenactments happen during these months, and all are worth a look. Wear a mask and explore colonial America, taking a step back in time.

3.     Rwanda

COVID and Rendezvous Opportunities and Problems During Traveling

Not as much a honeymoon spot as an adventure at your fingertips, the Rwanda Gorilla Trekking tour is a must-see for nature lovers of all shapes and sizes. The Jane Goodall in you will appreciate all the effort the Rwandan government has put into ensuring its people, as well as its indigenous species, are protected. Plan for delays if you are unvaccinated. They take it seriously.

4.     Montenegro

COVID and Rendezvous Opportunities and Problems During Traveling

Even during the height of the pandemic, Montenegro on the Adriatic coast has been more than happy to welcome tourists from all over.   With their pristine beaches, wonderful culture, and gorgeous architecture, it is no wonder why many folks venture to this lovely European hideaway when they wish to get away from the tourist crowds.  

5.     The Maldives

COVID and Rendezvous Opportunities and Problems During Traveling

Now, this is one of the best places to travel during COVID. You haven’t seen ocean beauty until you have explored the many islands that make up the Maldives off the coast of India. What makes it one of the greatest destinations to travel to during COVID? For starters, the temperature rarely exceeds 80 degrees, the water is crystal clear, and even the storms are romantic.

Best Practices When Traveling During COVID

If you want to know how to travel abroad during COVID and want your trip to go smoothly, here are a few tips:

  •       Plan for everything/leave nothing to chance.
  •       Always pack accordingly (lots of extra masks).
  •       If you do not wish to be vaccinated, don’t visit countries that require them.
  •       Do your part to social distance.
  •       The best way to travel during COVID is still by your own vehicle, but if you have to fly, follow FAA regulations concerning COVID protocols.
  •       Be kind, respectful, and unless you want vacation conflict, if you have an issue with a country’s COVID protocols, keep your opinion to yourself.
  •       Remember, we all share this world. Do your part and help us end COVID.


Doing your best to keep COVID at bay isn’t hard. And if you want to travel, do so, but treat your trip like you would a trip to the store or your kid’s school. Maintain social distancing, wear a mask if needed, and if you can, order your needed items via a delivery service. Even remote destinations deliver food. Have you done any travel while COVID has ravaged the world? 

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