3 Ways You’re Accidentally Harming Your Skin

3 Ways You’re Accidentally Harming Your Skin

Taking good care of your skin is essential to your well-being. It’s also beneficial in several ways, such as preventing premature skin aging and boosting self-esteem. However, you may not always prioritize your skincare for various reasons, such as a busy schedule and not having the right products. Indeed, research reveals that  28% of women reportedly carry out fewer skincare regimens. Even if you don’t have an extensive skincare routine, knowing the possible factors that could harm your skin is essential to keep your skin in good condition. Here are some ways you’re probably harming your skin without knowing. 

1. Over-exfoliating

Exfoliation is an excellent way to eliminate dead skin cells and is a critical part of your skincare routine. Not attending to these can cause problems like clogged pores, pimples, and other dermis infections. However, it’s prudent to do everything in moderation when it comes to your skincare regimen, and that includes exfoliating. Over-exfoliation tends to cause micro-abrasions on the skin’s surface, creating passageways for microorganisms to enter. In your quest to scrub off dead skin cells, you might damage your skin’s natural barrier, resulting in excessive dryness and redness. You can avoid over-exfoliation by using gentle exfoliating products that soothe and moisturize your skin. It is advisable not to mix chemical exfoliation with other beauty products on the same day. This way, you’ll avoid causing costly or irreparable damage to your skin. Finally, limit your exfoliation to once a week or twice at most.

2. Failing to use sunscreen

Effectively using sunscreen involves many factors, such as how often you use it, how you apply it, and the product’s SPF level. Sunscreen products are purposely designed to act as barriers between your skin and the sun. Excessive sunlight is known to cause certain types of skin cancer, irritation, and moles on the body. If you’re unsure of an raised dark spots on your skin, mole mapping may be helpful to keep an eye on their growth and effectively manage them. In the meantime, however, a good sunscreen product may help limit the chances of growing sun-induced moles. Whenever you are unsure what to use, a broad-spectrum sunscreen product with an SPF of 30 or more will be excellent. Sun damage is the leading cause of premature skin aging, and it’s important to take stringent steps to protect yourself. If you will be outdoors for long hours, reapplication of the product every two hours is advisable. 

3. Sleeping with makeup on

Going to bed wearing your makeup can unintentionally harm your skin. The risk of clogged pores is dramatically increased when you fail to clean all makeup from your skin. Sleeping overnight while wearing your eyeliner and mascara can even affect your eye health. While a one-time incident may do nothing to your skin, it is vital not to make it a habit. The more times you go to bed wearing makeup, the higher the chances of reducing your natural skin health and appearance. In the meantime, remember to use approved products to remove your facial makeup. A gentle cleanser followed by a moisturizer is excellent for maintaining or improving skin health. Skincare routines are deliberate actions, and it’s vital to be mindful of your practices each time.

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