4 Life-Enhancing Procedures Only Taking Under an Hour

4 Life-Enhancing Procedures Only Taking Under an Hour

Gone are the days when the only types of surgery available to the average person were ones that would have made the difference between life and death and came with them a range of serious risks. 

Now, in the modern world, thanks to the latest inventions, innovations, and groundbreaking technologies, it is possible to have surgery to enhance or, indeed, reduce a physical attribute, either for aesthetic or functional reasons, sometimes you can even fit them in your lunch hour.

Here are four truly life-enhancing procedures that take under an hour. 

1. Laser Eye Surgery

First and foremost, you may have family members and friends who have gone through successful laser eye surgery and will not stop telling you how much their daily life has changed for the better. 

Trans PRK Brisbane is an absolutely perfect example of a renowned and established clinic that will not only take you through the entire process but also offer you a competitive and no-commitment quote. If you are looking to transform your eyesight, this quick surgery could be perfect for you, so inquire today. 

2. Sleep Apnea Surgery

Sleep apnea is a debilitating problem that often occurs in people under high emotional stress, with PTSD patients reporting regular periods of sleep apnea, as well as those living with MDD (Major Depressive Disorder). 

Sleep apnea is where the individual’s normal breathing patterns are disrupted, stopping and starting irregularly, and like many other medical issues, it can be mild or dangerously severe.

Doctors sometimes approve people with sleep apnea for surgery, and this is one of the quickest surgeries you could possibly undergo. Although there are several different types of sleep apnea surgery, each type works to keep the person’s airway stable. 

3. Same-Day Joint Replacement

Joint pain in any area of the body, whether caused by an injury at work or else normal wear and tear, can be unbearable. In the past, any surgery to strengthen or replace a joint took time, but now they are able to complete the surgery considerably quicker. 

The basic factors your medical doctor and surgeon will take into consideration when looking into same-day joint replacement surgery are:

  • The existence of a support system 
  • The ability to take certain pain management medications
  • The willingness to stick to a rigid home care plan schedule
  • The overall health of the individual 

Protect your joints by regularly stretching your body, especially if you spend hours each day working at a desk, and ensure you consume the right calcium levels for your bones. 

4. Botox Injections

Finally, Botox injections are incredibly quick and painless for an entirely less invasive procedure that can indeed make a hugely positive difference to the self-confidence of someone who is currently unhappy with the appearance of their eyes, forehead, or mouth due to wrinkles.

Essentially, Botox (Botulinum Toxin) reduces the aesthetic appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by paralyzing and relaxing individual facial muscles. Botox is an incredibly effective and safe procedure that you can not only have during your lunch hour but is now more affordable for the average person than ever before. 

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