Top-Notch Aesthetic Care in Memphis

Are you aiming at improving your overall health and appearance of your body, skin, or face? Let us talk about A Beautiful You Medical Spa, an aesthetic medical spa and dermatology clinic located in East Memphis and Germantown, Memphis, TN. The team of experts at the medical spa is committed to helping you look and feel like the best you.

Cosmetic changes administered through effective treatments can improve your outward appearance and enhance your inner beauty. It is more effective when you have a team that focuses on you as an individual to understand the services you require and offer the expertise to deliver perfect results.

The following are the services you can receive from the great team at the medical spa.

Laser Hair removal
You can choose laser hair removal when you want to eliminate hair complications permanently. Venus’s velocity ™ laser is used by the team where the laser’s power is used to destroy hair creation in areas of interest permanently. It is practical, versatile, and safe.

MiraDry Permanent Sweat Reduction
You can seek this service if you are tired of too much underarm sweating and odor. MiraDry® is a revolutionary non-invasive procedure where thermal energy is safely sent through your body under your armpit to destroy the sweat glands.

Body contouring
The non-invasive treatment is used to remove stubborn fat and cellulite as a result of the permanent destruction of fat cells. It helps you in achieving your body goals.

It is a relaxing treatment that gives a smooth, hydrated, and firm skin. The treatment is customized according to your needs making it versatile.

It helps you get a more glowing, even skin through the breaking of skin imperfections such as scar tissues and dark spots. Minimally invasive treatments are used.

Skin tightening
Sagging skin with stretch marks and cellulite may affect your confidence. To correct that, Venus Legacy Machine is used to tighten your skin, and due to its non-invasive nature, it can be used on any part of your body. This can help in the case of sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, drooping jowls, and reduction of cellulite and stretch marks.

It is a way of rejuvenating your face. It can be done through injectable treatments, including Botox®, Xeomin®, Dermal fillers, or Kybella®.

Chemical peel
It involves the removal of dead cells to improve the appearance of your skin. A specialized chemical solution is used to create a reaction on your skin, causing peeling away from the outermost layer of your skin.

Why you should seek these services

Highly experienced workers offer these services. Most of the aesthetic technicians have been offering the services for over a decade. 

Different payment options are available to ensure that you can afford the services. Such options include in house, interest-free financing, and discounts.

Kenneth Thompson, MD, is a Board Certified ABMS and leads the team that comprises other certified experts.

Your journey of getting the best services from the top-notch aesthetic medical spa and dermatology in Memphis begins by booking an appointment, and you can do so online. You can be guaranteed a natural, healthy, and youthful you.

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