4 Tell Tale Signs You Have a Broken Fridge

4 Tell Tale Signs You Have a Broken Fridge

Is your refrigerator on the fritz? It’s one of those appliances that you can’t live without, and since a new one will set you back anywhere from $900 to $8,000, it’s no wonder the thought of replacing it stresses you out.

While you may want to wait as long as possible to make this purchase, you also don’t want to shop under duress after discovering the fridge is completely dead. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by learning about four telltale signs that you have a broken fridge.

1. Spoiled Food

If you’ve noticed that your milk and meat are spoiling well before their “use by” date, this is a strong indication that you’ve got a broken refrigerator. It’s likely that your fridge is having trouble maintaining its temperature.

This could be caused by several issues including a faulty thermostat, dusty condenser coils, or the motor working overtime because the coils are too hot.

At a minimum, it’s time to service your fridge. Depending on what the tech says, you may need to head out and buy a new one.

2. High Electric Bill

Has your power bill spiked? If you haven’t made any major lifestyle changes, your refrigerator could be to blame. However, if this is the case, you’ll save a nice chunk of change over the long-term by investing in a new energy-efficient model.

3. Suspicious Silence

You probably don’t even notice the gentle hum of your refrigerator anymore, but you’ll likely notice if it stops. If the fridge goes silent and the light is also off, you’re likely dealing with a power issue.

However, if there’s no sound but the light still comes on, the problem may be a broken compressor. You may be able to troubleshoot it by:

  • Turning it all the way to the coldest setting to see if it kicks back on
  • Defrosting it
  • Turning it off and on again
  • Unplugging for 24-hours and then restarting

If this works, you may have a problem with the defrosting system. Luckily, this is easy to repair. Unfortunately, if none of the above steps work then it’s time to buy a new fridge.

4. Banging or Knocking

While a humming sound is perfectly normal, if your fridge is banging or knocking, there’s something wrong. Some of the most common issues that cause strange fridge noises include a faulty compressor, problems with your condenser coils, or a problem with your compressor fan.

Depending on the cause, a repair may save you from having to replace your fridge right away.

Beyond Your Broken Fridge and More Tips for Handling Life’s Little Bumps

While it’s no fun to deal with a broken fridge, the sooner you know you need a replacement, the better the chances are that you can find a good deal.

Want even more tips for dealing with life’s little bumps? Browse through a few more of our blog posts. We have plenty of great advice to help you out!

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