Practical Uses for Glass Balustrade

Practical Uses for Glass Balustrade

For many people the idea of a glass balustrade is horrifying! After all, glass is often perceived as fragile and if it breaks it can cause an alarming number of injuries.

Fortunately, this is the glass of yesteryear; today glass is toughened and shatterproof. In the highly unlikely case of it breaking it will shatter into lots of tiny pieces that won’t injure you. It’s also usually coated with a special layer that will hold the pieces together.

With that in mind, you can see why glass balustrades are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, there are a lot of practical uses for glass balustrades:

Practical Uses for Glass Balustrade

Your Balcony

If you have a balcony then you probably have a view that’s worth enjoying. Of course, having a balcony means that you need a balustrade to prevent accidentally falling off the edge.

However, a balustrade will block all or part of your view and may not block out the wind. This means you need to be standing to enjoy the view and you can’t do it on a windy day, it will be too cold.

But, if you use a glass balustrade made by a reputable specialist in balustrades Sydney, then your view will be uninterrupted and you’ll block any cold wind. This will allow you to enjoy the view from inside or outside your home while sitting down and in almost any weather.

When Entertaining

You don’t need to have a raised deck to want an entertainment area in your yard. Of course, if you’re creating an entertainment area you also don’t want people free to roam the yard and potentially bring dirt and debris into your home. 

That’s why you should consider edging your entertainment area with a glass balustrade. It won’t affect the view, will contain people within the area, and will look stunning in the process.

It will also be great with a few well-placed lights to illuminate your yard and the glass balcony, as the sun starts to set!

As A Border

There are times when you want to separate two rooms or two areas in the yard. Glass balustrades are a great option for this as they don’t make space feel any smaller and they still allow you to communicate freely. But, they can also provide great definition that ensures your space looks simply stunning, as well as separate.

The great thing about glass balustrades is that they actually come in a huge array of designs. Plain grass is fine, but you can also have it frosted, tinted, etched, or even made into one-way glass, allowing you to see out but no one to see in.

This will simply increase the effectiveness and practical uses of glass balustrades.

Your Stairs

Don’t forget to add glass balustrades to your stairs. This will allow significantly more light into your home and can make the space downstairs feel brighter, larger, and more welcoming. It’s surprising what a difference a high-quality glass balustrade can make!

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