4 Ways to Stay Safe This Halloween

4 Ways to Stay Safe This Halloween

The spooky season is upon us. It’s a time for kids to go out in the neighborhood and trick or treat for their favorite candy. It’s also a time to be scared, play pranks, and have fun with friends. With all that activity and running around, kids may forget to stay safe and pay attention to what they are doing or where they are going. There are several ways you can keep your kids safe this Halloween by preparing them and preparing yourself for avoiding any possible hazards. Here are four ways you can stay safe this Halloween.

Reflective Clothing

The best part of Halloween is at night when the ghosts and ghouls are out. Also, it’s the best time to scare people by hopping out of the shadows. Although it’s scary to not be seen, it is also unsafe. Put some kind of reflective clothing on your children so that when they are running amok around town, cars and other pedestrians can see them. This will avoid them getting hit by a car. 

Set a Time Schedule

Kids can trick or treat all night and never tire out. This also means they may start travelling far and wide to find more candy. Without a set time schedule for them to be home or for them to check in, your child may wander for miles and either get lost or simply be too far from home. By setting a time schedule for them to be home will make them concentrate more on getting the candy and less time on fooling around. If your child is not old enough to go out on their own, set a schedule anyway so they don’t collect too much candy.

Know What to Do In an Emergency

Have an emergency plan in place in case there is an accident or someone gets lost. If your child is out on their own make sure they have their cell phone. If you are accompanying your child make sure they are in view of you and you can know which houses they are going to. If you know CPR or AED make sure you are up to date on your certifications by taking a CPR AED certification online course in case there is choking on candy while you are walking or while the kids are playing. Knowing how to reach help is a good thing to keep in mind as you are trick or treating. 

Always Stick Together

Before your child leaves the house, know what their route is going to be for the night. Be aware of the neighborhood they are going to visit and know if it is safe or not. Also, remind your children never to enter anyone’s home for any reason. Trick or treating ends at the front door and no one child should have any reason to go into a stranger’s home. Teach your kids to stick together this Halloween so they can return home safely and enjoy days of chocolate and candy.

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