Jelly Belly now has a long lasting sugar-free gum

Jelly Belly now a long lasting gum

This is my favorite time of year.  September is the month I start planning for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even New Year’s Eve.  As I’ve been doing in the past, I want to share some tips and suggestions surrounding these holidays and today I want to talk about one of my favorite candy brands.

I don’t really associate Jelly Belly with any particular holiday but I do recall that we always had Jelly Belly candy in our Christmas stockings. On the other hand, Jelly Belly candy was one of the limited sweets that we seemed to have the most of, or more often I should say. It was one of the few things that my siblings and I all loved. My mom was not a fan of sweets and candy so she bought candy sparingly, and buying a lot of different choices was not something she was known to do.

Because Jelly Belly candy was a part of my childhood, I bought it for my own kids and now I buy it for my grandkids.

Whereas we always got Jelly Belly jelly beans, I buy a variety of Jelly Belly candy for my own family. Candy canes are a fave around here and just recently, we’ve been enjoying the all-new Jelly Belly Sugar-Free GUM. You read that right, Jelly Belly now has a long-lasting sugar-free gum and it comes in all of our favorite flavors; Very Cherry, Watermelon, Berry Blue, and Island Punch!

Jelly Belly now has a long lasting sugar-free gum

I always try to find unique goodies that other parents and grandparents in my neighborhood are not going to add to their own Trick or Treat goody bags and this year I will be handing out the new Jelly Belly Gum.

Jelly Belly now has a long lasting sugar-free gum

I’m sure if they had this gum when I was a child, my mom wouldn’t have minded buying it for us.  For that reason, I feel like parents in our neighborhood won’t mind their kids having it as well.  Even though it’s sugar-free, it’s not lacking in taste at all.  The gum is every bit as delicious as their other products.

To stock up on your own Jelly Belly long-lasting sugar-free gum, on my affiliate link above which will take you to Amazon.  If you make a purchase using my link, I will receive a small commission at no additional charge to you.  Thank you for your support.  Affiliates help keep my site going.

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