Halloween Spooks with Bone Daddy Candle

Halloween Spooks with Bone Daddy Candle

I have always enjoyed Halloween.  My youngest daughter was born in October and all throughout her childhood, we combined her Birthday with Halloween.  She loved Halloween and still does. However, when she got older, into her middle school and high school age, she preferred more girlie Birthday themes which we had a lot of fun with.

But our Halloween parties continued every October 31.

Halloween was something we as a family looked forward to almost as much as Christmas. We dressed up in costume, even the adults.  Or should I say especially the adults because we enjoyed ourselves as much if not more than the kids? We always had apple dunking and hay rides, we hung Halloween lights everywhere, we played spooky music and I fixed a lot of finger foods and candy to send home to everyone who came.

Everyone has grown up and moved away now but the memories still linger in my bones.

I still decorate for Halloween even though the kids are grown and have kids of their own. Decorating for Halloween now that I’m an empty nester includes other things besides pumpkins and ghouls.

I enjoy scents so having candles burning such as  Halloween-themed candles from nosebestcandles.com like Bone Daddy is a nice way to make everyone relax when they visit during the Halloween holiday.  Bone Daddy is the only candle I’ve tried but it’s going to be my favorite I can tell. I’m all in for Lavender anything.  The Lavender Ember scent of Bone Daddy is so relaxing I could easily fall asleep with it burning softly on my nightstand.  Besides the distinct Lavender scent, it’s got notes of smoke, patchouli, and cedar.  The fragrance oils they use are toxin-free so I feel a lot better about these candles than some other candles I’ve tried.

I mean seriously what’s not to love?

Their candles are made with soy which is what I prefer because I burn a lot of candles. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. Like daily. I use scent therapy for chronic pain. But that’s a whole other spooky post.

Because I burn a lot of candles, I don’t want smoky sooty walls from burning candle after candle.

Another thing  I’ve discovered about t these candles is that each one has a curated Spotify playlist and cocktail recipe.

Halloween Spooks with Bone Daddy Candle

If you enjoy candles, go check out all of the scents available for the holidays.  If you’re looking for gift ideas, go grab a few from nosebestcandles.com to hand out in gift baskets.  They come in 4 oz sizes or 8 oz sizes.

Which scent would you most like to try?

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  1. OMG I love Halloween too! We do themed parties, so fun! These candles look and sound perfect.

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