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Moosh Moosh has Halloween Characters

Moosh Moosh has Halloween Characters

Boo-yah, one of our favorite brands has Halloween Character plushies and the kids and I love them.  I really get into Halloween here.  Tiffany was born in the month of October and we always had a Halloween themed Birthday party for her until she began to want to mix up her indoor parties more with trending themes.  Although our Halloween Birthday parties ended, I can’t get enough of Halloween decorations and treats.  I even start planning my trick-or-treat goody bags, ahead of time.

Moosh Moosh has Halloween CharactersNow that you know how much I love Halloween, you’ll better understand why I’m geeking out over the new Halloween Spooky Moosh Moosh plush characters.  There are 9 to choose from and I’m going to be working on getting a full set to divide up between all of the kids.

Moosh Moosh has Halloween CharactersBram and Archie are just a couple of the kid’s favorite spooky plushies this year and as I mentioned, I’m working on getting one of each character.  If you don’t believe in handing out candy, or even if you do, I think the spooky characters would be a great gift idea for your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews or whatever the case may be.   Kids love squishing, plumping and laying on Moosh Moosh characters and you’ll feel good about the price.  One suggestion I have this fall is to have a Moosh Moosh themed Birthday party.  I try to suggest items for every budget and this is one of those products that I think is great for any budget.  You won’t break the bank with these so grab a few and let me know which one or ones you bought.

Moosh Moosh has Halloween Characters

If you don’t celebrate Halloween, no problem.  Moosh Moosh offers every kind of character available in a variety of colors and styles.  They even have a flashlight, piggy bank, sequins, and slipper plushies.  Be sure to bookmark my site so when you get ready to do your Christmas shopping, you’ll find these mentioned again on my gift guide list of recommended products for kids.  For the hours of entertainment they provide and for the price, these are one of my top favorite toy brands to recommend this year.

Moosh Moosh has Halloween CharactersMoosh Moosh plushies are highly recommended as an autistic sensory toy.   I don’t have any autistic kids but I can see how they would help.  They are the absolute plushest plushie I believe I’ve ever felt and their faces, colors, and styles add even more interest.

Moosh Moosh has Halloween CharactersI’d love to know which Moosh Moosh is your child’s favorite (or yours, it’s okay, I have my own as well, lol).  If you haven’t bought any yet, now is your chance to start a collection for them. Moosh Moosh plushies are now available at Staples, Walgreens and CVS. Follow Moosh Moosh on Facebook to stay up to date on new products and promotions.

Moosh Moosh has Halloween Characters

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