5 Big Benefits of Tutoring Your Child

5 Big Benefits of Tutoring Your Child

Over 30% of US high schools required tutoring for some of their students in the 2014-2015 school year.

A tutor provides additional, special, or basic instruction in any number of subjects. The main purpose of a tutor is to help students become independent learners, but tutoring offers a host of other benefits as well.

The one-on-one teaching and learning process of tutoring is invaluable. It’s not just for students who struggle with their grades, but also for those who require additional challenges and those who need help becoming more confident with their learning style.

For an explanation of these and other benefits of tutoring, keep reading.

1. Individual Learning

The average primary classroom in the US has just over 23 students. That makes one-on-one attention that’s so commonly needed, nearly impossible.

Tutoring takes students outside of a potentially distracting classroom environment. With fewer students, your child can focus on the lesson they’re being given.

More importantly, tutors provide an individualized learning experience for the child they work with. This level of attention and customization of teaching and activities is impossible in a classroom setting.

2. Adaptation

Students have different ways of comprehending, processing, and retaining information. With more than 20 students in a classroom, most teachers can’t adapt their daily activities, curriculum, and assessments to suit the learning style of every student.

A benefit deriving from individualized learning is that a tutor learns to teach according to your child’s learning style. Over time, tutors get to know how your child learns. With that understanding, they adapt their teaching methods so your child can learn in the best way for them.

3. Freedom and Time to Ask Questions

There aren’t enough hours in a class or in the school day to cover all the questions that all of the students have. At the same time, your child may not feel comfortable asking questions among their peers.

Working with a tutor that they become familiar with over time helps them overcome that self-conscious feeling. It also gives them the time they need to go over their questions thoroughly. They will have the freedom to ask questions about the specific areas where they struggle.

4. Academic Achievement

With a teaching style adapted to their learning style, extra help in the areas where they’re falling short, and the ability to ask questions whenever they need to (and spend as much time as needed on answering them), your child’s grades should improve.

In fact, students who receive tutoring generally perform better on tests. Some tutors, such as those at StudyTime Tutoring, are so sure of this correlation that they can guarantee their work.

5. Additional Skills

One lesser-known benefit of tutoring is that it’s about more than just academic achievement. Tutoring provides students with additional skills, that will help them fair better in life in general. For example, a Calculus tutor provides private online AP Calculus AB & BC tutoring while offering as many lessons as needed.

Tutoring can improve work and study habits, improve social skills, and even increase self-confidence.

There Are Even More Benefits of Tutoring

Tutoring gives your child a chance to learn according to their learning style. With this type of individualized experience, they have the freedom to ask the questions they need to and work through difficult concepts. But tutoring goes beyond academic achievement to teach proper work and study habits and even impact self-confidence.

But there are far more than five benefits of tutoring. To learn more about what a tutor can do for your child, head to the Kids Corner section of this site.

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