Spring Cleaners, Unite! 5 Awesome Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaners, Unite! 5 Awesome Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is a time when 91% of Americans prefer to clean their entire homes. This means more than running the vacuum; it entails discovering new furniture arrangements, scrubbing unreachable nooks and crannies, and ditching those electronics that no longer work.

The weather is warm and fresh so you want your home to be just an inviting.

Read on for 5 must-have tips for all the serious spring cleaners out there.

1. Remove Clutter and Organize

First, you want to use an organize my house checklist to downsize your things. Removing unusable and undesirable items in your home will make your next job easier.

Check areas that haven’t had much attention all year like closets, basements, and laundry rooms. Then make boxes for garbage, donations, and relocated items. Use a dirt cheap rubbish removal to get items out of your home to make space immediately.

Removing clutter will also allow you to reach floor space that hasn’t been cleaned in years.

2. Deep Clean Dust

While organizing your stuff you can start on these cleaning room tips. Dust areas as you remove items during your decluttering efforts.

Use a damp cloth on non-wooded surfaces to keep dirt from spreading into the air. Then use a hypo-allergenic vacuum to clean wood. Follow up on the wood with a dry cotton cloth to polish it and catch small dust particles.

Check in between furniture creases to see any built-up dust. Don’t forget to look up at ceiling corners, fans, and lamp fixtures for sheets of dust.

3. Don’t Skip the Windows

Some household tips and tricks for cleaning your home forget about windows. They can get extremely dirty on the inside and outside.

Inside, take the blinds and curtains down. Curtains can be washed while blinds should be wiped with a damp cloth. Remove screens from the window and squirt them with a hose. Clean the windows with a steamer and sponge for a spotless, chemical-free shine.

Use the hose outside to rise windows. Then use a damp cloth to do a thorough cleaning.

4.  Use all Natural Cleaner

Use steam on more than the windows. The best cleaning in spring tips use a non-toxic way to kill bacteria and remove stuck-on dirt just with the power of heat and water.

Remove hard water stains and mildew from the shower and bathroom sinks, sanitize the floor with a steam mop, and boil children’s toys in water for a deep clean.

5. Save the Floor for Last

These room cleaning tips will go to waste if you don’t clean your floor last. Dusting and wiping spread the dirt around your home, especially on your floor.

Save yourself from doing a double cleaning by vacuuming and moping your floor last. All your items will be back on the shelf or tucked away for you to focus on the floor. However, remember to clean those covered areas before you put back your things.

The Spring Cleaners Reward

Spring cleaners have the rest of the year to enjoy their deep clean. Celebrate your hard work by hosting a party to welcome in Spring.

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