4 Key Foundations for Healthy and Happy Children

4 Key Foundations for Healthy and Happy Children

To make sure that we look after our children properly, we have to lay the foundations for health and wellbeing. As our children progress through school, we can feel that they are slipping away from us. And while we don’t need to retain any sense of control over them, we still have to remember that these are all important years that will shape the rest of their life. We may not be able to help with their homework but we can lay the foundations for health and wellness in other ways. 

Ensuring They Do Not Neglect Their Senses

It’s such a simple thing, however, if your children listen to loud music, and stare at screens constantly, you might find that their hearing and eyesight will deteriorate pretty quickly in their 20s. You can learn more about protecting your ears in general, and while sometimes these lessons will fall on deaf ears, the most important lesson for us to teach our children is the consequences of their actions. Their sight and hearing are pivotal to everything, and we need to make sure that they do not neglect these all-important senses. 

Providing a Foundation of Fitness

Fitness is one of those things that we all know should form part of our lifestyle as well as our children’s, but half the problem is that our children don’t necessarily want to get up and run around. One of the keys to instilling a healthy attitude towards exercise is to not call it “exercise” in a traditional sense. Instead, we need to encourage play. Because getting the heart going, no matter what the activity is, will still result in a good outcome. Some children do not like structured exercise, but if your child is interested in martial arts, taking them to a karate class will make a big difference to their attitude towards exercise. The same will apply to us because if we think of exercise being boring, we will never want to do it. As long as you get moving with the right motivation, this is going to help change your attitudes towards fitness. You have to remember that if your children don’t see you exercising, why should they? Set the example. 

Giving Them the Tools to Develop Their Intelligence

Half of the problem many children have when it comes to the traditional idea of intelligence is to do with the school. The school or the teacher will only teach a certain method of learning something. But it’s important for children to understand how they best learn. Because if our children are not able to grasp a certain subject, they will only find their confidence dwindling. One of the most important things anybody can learn is their learning style. Once we understand our learning style, we will then be able to learn something in a more efficient manner. Every child should understand how they learn best because this does just help them to take the information that might actually change their attitudes towards education. Children can lose their confidence in the classroom, and this can make them feel that they are inadequate in life. The reality is all about giving them the tools.

Helping Them Communicate Themselves

Everybody knows that communication is crucial, but if we do not give them the ability to communicate themselves properly they could grow frustrated. Some people choose to not communicate in a conventional manner, which can cause issues for the parent-child relationship, which is why we need to help our children communicate themselves in the right ways. There are a number of ways that we can help our children communicate, including acknowledgment of your child’s feelings, empathy, and avoiding being the punishing parent. Sometimes, children do things because they’re not able to express themselves in a way that they like. This is why we can lay the foundations for communication by talking to them on a regular basis. Asking them how they are feeling, and giving them the opportunities to check in. Because when our children are faced with problems, communication is one of the best ways to bring about a solution. If your child doesn’t feel that they can speak up, they will never be able to bring about an effective solution, and this could have an impact on their lives in the long run. 

There are a number of ways that we can help our children develop in terms of their health, but we also need to make sure that they are happy. Health is not just about the physical or mental, but it’s about a combination of many factors.

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