Best Wedding Guest Books from Real Weddings

Best Wedding Guest Books from Real Weddings

Best Wedding Guest Books from Real Weddings

Meta: Get creative with your wedding guest books, whether traditional or alternative types. Scrolls, benches, personalized wedding guest book, etc. We got it all here.

Wedding guest books are beautiful keepsakes where guests will leave their best wishes for the newlyweds. It’s an avenue for guests to tell the couple everything they couldn’t say in person to them. Couples are getting creative with guest book wedding styles.

They’ve evolved from the traditional to custom and even alternative wedding guest book ideas. This is why we see lots of signed benches, geographical destinations, photo guest book sign and more. Owing to this, let’s check out some wedding guest book set from real weddings.

sentimental meaningful guest book

This is a modern wedding guest book that features images made from oil paintings. It is a personalized guest book that can pass for keepsakes.

Family guest book

This falls in the category of wedding guest books that can pass for generations. The bride used a personalized wedding guest book used by her grandparents for her wedding. This is more-or-less an heirloom.

Photo Album guest book

This is a photo guest book sign by a couple of guests. It featured photos if the couple and their families. It was also surrounded by photos.

Rustic inspired signed bench

Here’s one of the timeless alternative wedding guest book ideas. Rustic inspired, the couple asked guests to sign on a bench over the traditional guest book. This will serve as a memento in the home for many years to come.

Typed messages Guestbook vintage inspired

This is one of the best vintage guest book ideas. Guests typed their good wishes on a continuous scroll, using a typewriter.

The hashtag guest book

This book is a traditional, but also one of the top non-traditional guest book ideas. A book of hashtags made by a friend for the bride. Guests wrote their best and funniest wishes into the hash tags. Reading them was a hilarious moment.

Library cards guest book

This is one for the geeky couple. A creative alternative guest cards kept inside library books for guests to find and sign.

Monogrammed wedding guest book

This is a very personalized wedding guest book. Made out of Birchwood, it has the couple’s initials monogrammed into the back. A worthy keepsake.

My love letters guest book

This guest book alternative is a very sentimental and personalized one. Made from a collection of postcards with pictures of places the bride and groom love. Attendants wrote their good wishes and sentiments on the cards. Then for the first year of the couple’s marriage, the maid of honor mailed each note to them.

Guest book urban geography

One can learn and have fun at the same time. This is a guest book for Abby Elliot’s wedding to her husband. A guest book wedding type that talks about New York City.

Location History lessons guest book

This one is a personalized guest book about Texas. It also doubles as the wedding location of the couple. And served as the wedding guest book.

Career watercolor wedding guest book

This is one of the most creative non-traditional guest book ideas. Made by the bridesmaid from watercolor, and with the sketch of a stethoscope on it. The guest book reflected the couple’s medical professions.

Mad Libs alternative

For alternative wedding guest book ideas, this is a great one. At this wedding, guests filled out mad libs inspired forms, instead of the conventional guest books. Here, you needn’t think of what to write in a wedding guest book, only answer fun questions.

Paper scrolls guest book

Like the old times when the information was in scrolls, this couple adopted the same for a wedding. Here, celebrants will give their best wishes to the couple on a scroll.

Guest book animal poster inspired

This is one way to create custom guest books. Mind you, guest books can reflect personalities, wedding theme, destination and all. This one reflects the destination of the wedding which is a zoo. It is also custom as the couple combined their names, Holly and John, to form Jolly. So, the guest book had their name (Jolly wedding) and animal art. This is what the guests signed on.

Floral inspired guest books

This is a traditional guest book with a modern twist. It has adornment of floral embellishments, and this made it stand out.

Guest book wedding signed vows

At this wedding, the attendants signed the guestbook and a copy of the wedding vows. This they did with ink on wood.

Creative sticker guest book

The couple provided sticker labels like those on wine bottles. Rather than toast with glasses, they did so in writing. Then, went ahead to paste the stickers in the guest book. This is a sentimental keepsake.

A total of 18 creative wedding guest books we rounded off. Traditional to alternative wedding guest book ideas for you.


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