6 Attic Remodel Ideas: How to Make an Awkward Space Functional

6 Attic Remodel Ideas: How to Make an Awkward Space Functional

Attics aren’t as common in homes as they once were, but plenty of older houses still have that empty upstairs space just waiting to collect dust and the occasional ghosts.

But can you do something with that attic space instead? Sure, you can just throw all of your extra things up there like it’s a giant extra walk-in closet, but that will be more of a problem when you actually need to find things or when you decide to move. Why not opt for an attic remodel?

Renovating that upstairs space to be functional and neat helps you have a new and cool space to occupy and it increases the sellability of your home should you decide to sell in the future. 

Keep reading for some of our favorite attic remodel ideas.

1. Make It a Cozy Reading Nook

There’s often not a lot of space in an attic making it difficult to plan a viable remodel. A small and tight attic space is great, however, for a cozy loft with a reading nook. 

This is a great place to hang up tapestries and soft art and squeeze a mattress (on the floor) and some bean bag chairs into the space. This is a room for cozy seating only. You can set up a bookcase, a music listening station, or even some of your more relaxing hobbies up here. 

If you have a low ceiling in your attic this is the perfect attic remodel idea. Your attic insulation will make it warm and cozy and it can be a private space that’s all your own.

2. The Ultimate Walk-In Closet

There’s definitely value to having your attic as storage space, but the cluttered look isn’t ideal. It’s messy, hard to navigate, and forget actually finding anything that you put up there. 

Why not turn it into a giant walk-in (or rather, “walk-up”) closet? 

This is the perfect place to turn into a closet that you see in celebrity homes but on a normal person’s budget. Hang up horizontal rods on the walls for all of your hanging items. Throw in some drawers for the foldables.

You can include a vanity or a makeup counter and don’t forget a few full-length mirrors. 

Whether you want this to be your space or you want to share it with your spouse or family, there’s plenty of room for everyone’s wardrobe. 

3. The Perfect Place to Lounge

Do you want a quiet place to hang out with your friends? Maybe you have kids or teens that don’t want to use the living room because they need a more private space to do homework or hang out.

Why not throw a cool lounge into the attic?

This is a great place for multipurpose seating, like sectionals or a futon. This way it can be reworked depending on the number of people sharing the space.

Put in some soft, fun lighting (like fairy lights) and a spare television. This is also a great place to put any video game consoles. This will be the hangout area that everyone else will envy.

4. A Hidden Spare Bedroom

We are not all blessed with a den or guest room, so sometimes finding space for visitors can be hard. Do you want to set them up in the living room? That doesn’t feel right. 

Why not make your attic into a small spare bedroom?

It won’t have the space of a full guest room, but you can definitely put a bed and a small storage area up there to give your guest room to sleep comfortably. If you have the remodeling funds, you might even be able to bring plumbing into the attic for a water closet. 

Your guests will be grateful that they’re no longer sleeping on an uncomfy sofa.

5. A Private Library

Is anyone else guilty of collecting too many books for their bookcase? Sure, you could opt for digital books but there’s something so special about the smell of fresh book paper. Before you know it, you’re a book hoarder.

Why not set your attic up as a private library and reading area?

Gather together several bookshelves (low bookshelves work great for this, and you can often buy them affordably from department stores, even in matching colors. 

You can arrange by genre, title, author, or whatever else feels right to you. It’s your library!

Set up a cozy chair and your favorite lamp and disappear into your reading room whenever you feel the need. 

6. An Art or Hobby Studio

Hobbies can be messy and it’s easy to be distracted from them in a house bustling with people. Why not section off your personal hobby space?

Art is one of the messiest hobbies around. Between the paint, easel, and materials, you’re taking up a lot of room. This is worse still if you paint with oils and deal with fumes.

Bringing all this into its own space is a great way to keep other people from distracting you, keep all of your materials in one place, and avoid any stray hands getting into wet paint. 

If art isn’t your thing, this is also a great place to practice music or set up a writing room. The goal here is to have a private space that allows you to practice what makes you happy. 

Putting all the necessary hobby ingredients in one room will give you the space and organization that you need.  

Are You Up for an Attic Remodel?

So, is an attic remodel in your future? That space doesn’t just have to be the room where you shove all of your boxes and corral all your ghosts. Attics are functional spaces and as long as yours is given firm and sturdy flooring and all beams and insulation are covered, you’ll have a cute new space.

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