Health Signs That You Should Not Ignore

Health Signs That You Should Not Ignore

It is very easy to go through life not worrying about potential health issues. I get it – life is hectic and you have one million things you would rather be doing (compared to going to the doctor), but do you really want to wait until it is too late? I see it all the time: women and men delaying their appointments, ignoring a mole that looks irregular, or popping aspirin, in order to “fix” their toothache. While ignoring potential issues is much easier short-term, it can be detrimental down the road if there are in fact major (or even minor) issues. So please, make your health a priority in your life and actually visit the doctor when you need to. It is also important to head over to for regular dental check-ups to keep your pearly whites healthy.  If you are not sure when you need to go to the doctor, let me help you! Here are four health signs that you should not ignore:

Health Signs That You Should Not Ignore


It is pretty normal to be tired, but if you are overly tired for no reason, or if fatigue hits you suddenly, it may be time to get yourself checked out. Fatigue can be related to both your physical state and your mental state – a lack of energy and/or motivation. Some also describe feeling fatigued as exhausted, weary, tired, and feeling run down. Better Health says that these are the causes of fatigue, “The wide range of causes that can trigger fatigue include:

Medical causes – unrelenting exhaustion may be a sign of an underlying illness, such as a thyroid disorder, heart disease, or diabetes.

Lifestyle-related causes – alcohol or drugs or lack of regular exercise can lead to feelings of fatigue.

Workplace-related causes – workplace stress can lead to feelings of fatigue

Emotional concerns and stress – fatigue is a common symptom of mental health problems, such as depression and grief, and may be accompanied by other signs and symptoms, including irritability and lack of motivation.

Fatigue can also be caused by a number of factors working in combination.”

Because fatigue may be a cause of an underlying illness, it is essential to get checked out if you think your fatigue is not ‘normal.’

Changes in Vision

Health Signs That You Should Not Ignore

Changes in vision could be just normal aging, or it could also be from another medical issue. For example, my friend, Alex, was unfortunately roofied over New Year’s Eve two years ago. She was very lucky and was taken care of by her family, but she did end up hitting her head, which resulted in a concussion. Since then, her vision has declined significantly and according to her ophthalmologist, it is normal to have a significant decline in vision after a traumatic brain injury. This is unfortunately pretty common in football, as well as other more ‘aggressive’ sports, and with any head injuries, in general. The reason I told that story is that you just never know when you might start having trouble. Alex did not have any vision issues until that day and she put off going to the eye doctor for almost two years, which resulted in more harm. Changes in vision could also be linked to other degenerative diseases such as macular degeneration, and more.

Mole/Freckle Changes

USA Today says, “It’s time to think about the skin you’re in. Skin cancer is curable if spotted early, but doctors say patients need to be a partner in the process. “Everyone should get really familiar with their own moles because that’s what’s going to save your life,” Dr. Julie Karen, a board-certified dermatologist in New York, told TODAY. What should you look for? The ABCDEs of melanoma are basic signs, with doctors urging you to check your moles for asymmetry, border, color, diameter, and evolution. The most important part is that last one: an evolving or changing mole, Karen said. That can include new symptoms like itching, scabbing, and bleeding. Your doctor should be checking areas of your body where you may not even realize you can get skin cancer, including the scalp, eyelids, between your fingers and toes, and behind the ears, said Dr. Debra Wattenberg, a New York dermatologist and founder of NY Skin RX.”

Tooth Pain

Health Signs That You Should Not Ignore

Metro Decatur Dental Group PC says, “We often have patients come to our Metro Decatur Dental Group PC dental office complaining about tooth pain. Symptoms often vary widely from one individual to another. Your dentist will listen to your concerns, evaluate your condition and design a treatment plan to alleviate your tooth pain. A tooth cavity can cause tooth pain when decay or infection reaches the tooth pulp. A root canal is the most common type of treatment for a cavity that is causing a toothache. The dentist will remove the inflamed or diseased tooth pulp and seal the tooth with a dental crown. If the pain is severe and causing swelling or fever, you may have an abscessed tooth. This is a serious condition that causes infection of the tooth pulp as well as surrounding gum and possibly bone.” As Metro Decatur Dental Group PC said, having an abscessed tooth is a serious condition that could potentially cause major health issues for you. This is why it is essential to get regular dental cleanings, in order to hopefully prevent issues from happening, as well as to spot potential issues before they become major. Located out of Decatur, Georgia, Metro Decatur Dental Group PC is a full-service dental office that is among the most qualified implant providers, which includes dentures, in Georgia. Dr. Gary Simms uses his extensive experience in the dental field, in order to provide the highest level of dental care to his patients, with the utmost respect. He is most known for his calm and caring demeanor, as well as his ability to help produce fantastic results from his clients. If you are looking for a new dental office in the Metro-Atlanta area (no matter if you need tooth cleaning, tooth whitening services, or dental implants), Metro Decatur Dental Group PC just might be the right place for you! Check them out at their website for more information.

Health Signs That You Should Not Ignore


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