3 Things To Consider When Planning A Destination Wedding

3 Things To Consider When Planning A Destination Wedding

Are you planning your big day in a distant location? If you have dreamed of a beach wedding, a ceremony high in the mountains, or even a charming celebration in a  forest, keep in mind that planning a destination wedding requires more effort and time. A beach wedding requires far more than just wedding invitations with palm trees. These are the 3 Things To Consider When Planning A Destination Wedding!

Choose the right location

These things should be considered when planning the location:

  1. Accessibility of location: Been looking up dream wedding locations in Ecuador? Awesome! Are you able to get there in a short time? Double check! Long-haul travels will leave you tired and are not a thing that you and your guests want to do before a big day. That’s why you need to choose a location that can be accessed directly.
  2. Weather: A storm can ruin the idea of having the perfect beach wedding. So before you choose the location, make sure that the weather conditions for that time of the year are fine. No one wants to plan a beach wedding during the peak of the hurricane season though.
  3. Availability of vendors: Since your wedding takes place in another location, your local vendors can’t help you with that. Explore the vendors in that particular area so you know your possibilities.
  4. Venue: If you love the place, you might not like the venue there. Alternatively, you can hire a catering service and go for an outdoor wedding if the weather conditions will allow you to do so.
  5. Mood: Are you up for a beach-style wedding or a sophisticated one in a villa? The location should match the style.

3 Things To Consider When Planning A Destination Wedding

The wedding invitations

The invitations for a destination wedding should be planned accordingly. Their design should correspond to the overall style and mood of your location. Basic Invite has the best wedding invitations for your wedding. The best thing is that you can customize the design, even to the littlest details. Also, there is an unlimited choice of colors, so you can create destination wedding invitations ideas that will allow the guests to have a sneak peek into what follows.

What should be included in the invites? Keep in mind that not everyone might be available to attend your wedding. That’s why you need to inform your guests well in advance. For destination weddings, the optimal time to send the invitations is 9-12 months ahead. Traveling means that people should plan days off. So, make sure that you let them know on time so they can make it.

Pre-departure letter

Inform all of your guests about the location, weather, and packing tips so they can prepare accordingly. Share your information with the guests about two weeks before departure, so everyone can get ready on time. Basic Invite offers the possibility of having your own website, where you can publish this info instead of sending a letter to each guest individually. Choose the option that works the best for you.

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