Smart technology’s more popular than ever before.

Indeed, the smart home device market is set to be worth $174 billion by 2025! That’s approximately five times more than its value in 2016.

This dramatic rise of smart technology makes total sense though. After all, connecting our everyday appliances via the internet makes life easier, more convenient, and safer too. It’s no wonder that so many people are adopting it in their homes.

Of course, every area of the house stands to gain from smart tech. But having a smart bedroom can be of particular benefit. Among other things, the proper setup will promote newfound levels of sleep, comfort, relaxation, and entertainment too.

The tricky bit is knowing how to do it! Do you want some help creating the best possible smart bedroom setup in your new place? Keep reading for 6 top tips on doing exactly that.

1. Buy Smart Plugs

Most bedrooms are jam-packed with electronic items these days. There are phones to charge, TVs to watch, computers to power, humidifiers to operate, and so on.

All told, you’re going to need a whole lot of plug sockets in there! Don’t go for the everyday variety though. Nowadays, even the plugs are smart.

They provide a host of advantages too. Imagine leaving your hair straighteners turned on in your room. With a smart plug, you can turn them off from your mobile even if you’ve already left the house.

Even better, you can set each device to turn off and on to a certain schedule. That’s useful if you like going to sleep with the TV on in the background. It’ll turn itself off after a certain amount of time.

2. Install Smart Lights

You’re home late from the office again. Too exhausted to do anything else, you head upstairs, change into your pajamas, and flop straight into bed, ready for sleep.

It’s only as your eyelids start to shut that you realize the lights are still on! Ugggh. With no other option, you have to force yourself out of bed again to switch them off. Know the struggle?

Well, you can bid it farewell if you install smart lights in your bedroom. Connected to your smart assistant, you can issue a voice command to dim or turn them off, or use your mobile phone instead.

Smart lights have other advantages too. You can program them to turn on and off automatically, to wake you up with a ‘sunrise’ effect, or to emit ambient light in the evenings. All told, they’re relaxing, practical additions to the bedroom that you’re sure to appreciate.

3. Incorporate Smart Window Shades

Artificial lights aren’t the only light source you have to worry about in your bedroom though. Having a means of blocking the sunlight from the room is important too.

That’s where smart shades come in handy.

On one hand, they’re just ordinary window shades that keep out any unwanted daylight. On the other, you can raise/lower them with your voice or smartphone.

Like most smart equipment, the main advantage of installing these blinds is for the convenience they provide. Just think, you could program them to go down at a certain time of night (letting you know it’s bedtime) and to come up at a certain time in the morning (telling you it’s time to wake up).

4. Create a Smart Bed

A whole host of gadgets can turn an everyday bed into something altogether more intelligent.

Smart covers provide a perfect example.

Now, there’s nothing new about an electric blanket. People have been using them forever and a day to warm their beds when the weather’s cold. But smart mattress covers take it a step further.

Suddenly, you have total control over your temperature throughout the night. Get ready for ultimate temperature regulation. These clever bits of kit can track everything from your body temperature to the phase of sleep you’re in, altering the heat they provide in the process.

These covers can also link up to your overall smart home. Imagine falling asleep with the front door unlocked and the lights turned on. The cover can be used to rectify those problems on your behalf!

With smart pillows and mattresses available too, you can set your bed up to deliver the ultimate night’s sleep.

5. Use Smart Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans perform a vital purpose in any bedroom.

Depending on the direction they spin, they circulate cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Combined with your HVAC system, they’re a perfect tool for regulating bedroom temperature throughout the year.

As you can imagine, though, smart ceiling fans take it one step further!

These incredible bits of kit monitor the temperature and humidity in the room and adjust their power and direction accordingly. In effect, choosing a fan with in-built smart technology means you’ll circulate air in a way that’s best for your bedroom at all times.

Of course, you can also control it for yourself instead. You can issue voice commands, use your mobile, or a good old-fashioned switch on the wall as well.

6. Add a Smart Alarm Clock

Most people use the alarm on their phone to wake them up in the morning.

However, that phone alarm can’t send a signal to the smart coffee pot in the kitchen to get the coffee brewing in the morning. Nor can it turn on the smart TV to show you the news, sync you’re your smart lighting to wake you up gently or adjust the thermostat to warm up the house.

If you want that kind of functionality, then you need a smart alarm clock!

Time to Setup Your New Smart Bedroom

Increasing numbers of people are starting to incorporate smart technology into their homes. All over the world, households are linking these everyday items to the internet in pursuit of the convenience and functionality they provide.

Every room in the house stands to gain from this futuristic technology.

However, there’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep! That’s why setting up smart bedrooms can be of particular benefit. We hope this post has provided all the insight you need to create the best smart bedroom possible.

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