6 Types of Pool Furniture for a Backyard Oasis

6 Types of Pool Furniture for a Backyard Oasis

The first thing you think about when you hear about the pool is ‘swimming’ but it’s not just about swimming. There are many other activities that can be done when you have a pool in your home. You can have a pool party, a barbecue, or simply relaxing by the poolside. Many people enjoy swimming and there are some people who don’t like being in the water. To solve this problem and to help make everyone have a great time in or near the pool, you can add some pool furniture for you and your guests. If you’re not swimming you can just relax on them or stay away from the sun.

To give you an idea of some types of furniture that you can add to your poolside patio, here are 6 examples:

  1. Patio tables 

This is one of the pieces of furniture you’ll need if you want to spend hours by the pool and be able to do some other stuff. Just like a regular table you use inside the home you can use it for eating meals or getting some work done. The kids can also do some writing or art. Since it will be beside the water, choose a table made of durable materials.  Timber tables should be sturdy so that they last longer.  Consider getting a water-proofed patio timber table. 

  1. Pod chairs 

Pod chairs offer a lot of benefits. In fact, it just doesn’t come with a comfy place to sit and read a great book. The benefits involve relief from neck and back pains, offers better sleep, improves concentration, and it saves more space. Pod chairs are designed specifically for relaxation. If you’re thinking about buying one consider a really good quality. Check out our pod chairs products. 

  1. Sunlounge chair

This is classic poolside furniture that is perfect for lazing about or going sunbathing. They come in different shapes and styles so choose one that is most comfortable for you. You can choose a color or style that can make your pool area look elegant like a coastal resort. You can never go wrong with the color white or rattan material as neutrals and natural materials can give that beach look even if it is in your yard. 

  1. Umbrellas

Umbrellas are pretty useful especially in changing weather conditions. You may like the sun but you can’t be out in the sun all day. You’ll want to have some shade or sun protection if you want to spend hours outside in your pool patio. A big simple umbrella can do that. Umbrellas usually come with poolside tables. Choose an umbrella that is of good quality and can last for years. 

  1. Towel racks

This is probably the most overlooked item that can be added to the pool area. You can place dry clean towels here so you’ll be prepared to dry yourself up after a swim. No more forgetting to bring a towel because you’ll already have a place where you can add a fresh stash and towels ready for use.

  1. Swimming Pool Blanket Roller 

If you have a pool blanket, a blanket roller is also a great addition to your furniture set. Not only is it utilitarian, because it will contain your pool blanket, which keeps your pool warm and prevents excess evaporation, but it can be quite unobtrusive in the overall landscaping of your backyard. With a blanket roller, no more piles of your pool blanket in a corner gathering dust, but rather a simple way to keep your pool blanket organized. 

When choosing furniture for your poolside area, consider the material. It should be durable so it can last long. It should be resistant to weathering and is UV resistant. Light-weight furniture is also easier to use and move around depending on how you’ll use it. Most of all choose pool-side furniture that is safe for both kids and adults so you’ll be free to enjoy your time without worries.

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