How Should You Decorate A Child’s Bedroom?

How Should You Decorate A Child's Bedroom?

You’ve decided that an upgrade to your child’s bedroom is in order. You want to make their bubble in the world a fun, creative, inspiring, and safe place to be. However, there’s one problem: you’re at a loss as to what to do!

As you know, children can be very fussy about things, so it makes sense to redecorate your offspring’s bedroom in a way they will love, and one way to achieve that goal is by involving them in the process.

Check out the following tips and tricks to help you with the unenviable task of decorating your child’s bedroom:

Ask Your Child What They’d Like

Before you begin giving your child’s bedroom a makeover, you should first ask them what they’d like in their personal bubble from the world.

You must remember it’s your child that will be sleeping, playing, studying, and relaxing in their bedroom, so it should get decorated with them in mind.

Involving your child in the process also gives them a feeling of control and responsibility, two things children love to mimic from adults.

Come Up With Creative Themes

Don’t just stick with the usual designs and styles that many people select as themes for their children’s bedrooms. Instead, don’t be afraid to think of quirky or unusual themes that your child will love.

For example, you could get inspiration from Unicorn Wonderland and create a unicorn-themed bedroom for your daughter (or son)! You may even decide to create a space-themed bedroom design with glow-in-the-dark planets and stars placed on the ceiling!

Avoid Stereotypical Blues And Pinks

Something that many parents are guilty of doing is decorating their child’s bedroom in blue colors for boys and pink colors for girls. It’s a very stereotypical thing to do, and an outdated one – as there are plenty of boys that like the color pink and girls that like blue.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different bold and bright tones for everything from walls to doors to create an amazing and inspirational bedroom for your child.

Incorporate Some Sensory Magic

It’s no secret that sensory objects can help with a child’s development and foster their creativity. The sensory items you incorporate as part of your child’s bedroom design will ultimately depend on themes they like (such as space, wildlife, transport, and so on).

The Internet is awash with ideas and examples of what you could add to the bedroom, so do go ahead and conduct plenty of research until you find the perfect items.

Choose The Right Furniture

Last but not least, no child’s bedroom is complete without furniture. Depending on the space available, you could add a large wardrobe that could conjure up images from the book, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

You may even have the space available to add a comfy armchair where your child could sit and relax, or perhaps use it while playing computer games!


Decorating a child’s bedroom isn’t difficult – as long as you involve them in the process and design the space with creativity and practicality in mind.

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