7 Types Of T-shirts Every Man Should Have In His Collection

7 Types Of T-shirts Every Man Should Have In His Collection

T-shirts are the comfiest wearable that any man can afford. There are more than a dozen styles and fits available to choose from. But what would you prefer?

Do you have a t-shirt for every occasion? If your answer is yes, you’ll probably find yourself on the verge of enlightenment after going through this article. The hundreds t-shirts are truly the most versatile piece of apparel that can go with almost every occasion.

  1. Polo Profession

Concerning the formal dressing, shirts are the first things that come to mind. But is it only the shirts that can be formal? Of course, not. T-shirts can also be worn for professional meets. The specific name for formal t-shirts is polo.

You can wear a polo t-shirt with trousers for a purely formal look or you can pair it with denim for a semi-formal look. This is something that every man should definitely keep in their wardrobe. You can wear a polo to your office, at a meeting, or you can wear it to a party as well. Just one t-shirt can solve more than one “what to wear” situations.

  1. Straight Fits For Daily Wear

Do you ask yourself every day the same question- what should I wear today? If this is you, you should really get yourself some straight fit t-shirts. You have all the more reason to buy a straight fit t-shirt if you are conscious about your physique.

Straight fit can seriously make you look leaner, even if you’re not. What could be more convincing about a t-shirt, if your tucked out belly is covered up completely? Even if you are fit and lean, straight fit t-shirts can further enhance your physical appearance. You can choose from printed, plain, solids, and white and black. The choices are limitless, but the fit should be straight.

  1. Jeremy Fit Is Multipurpose

Are you scratching your head? Never heard of this fit ever before? Well, it is very similar to a straight fit but is more elongated in length as compared to straight fit t-shirts. Now, do you recall what I’m talking about? You must have tried this fit unknowingly. But one thing is for sure, you must have liked the fit. Is it true?

Jeremy fits have been recently popularized by teen sensations like JB and Drake. But then again, the fit differs from any other style in the sense that it is the most versatile one amongst all. You can tuck this t-shirt in your lowers, you can leave them out, collared or no-collar, this fit fits everywhere.

  1. Something For Your First Date

Surely, you wish to be the best of you on your first date. Why wouldn’t you? You have all the reasons to. Whenever you go out on a date, it’s pretty obvious that you want to look as picture perfect as possible. After all, you ought to make memories on your date.

When it comes to your first date, the reasons are held harmoniously stronger, to get dressed the best. You can check out a few ideas on how to dress for your first date in this article . Whatever you do, you shouldn’t forget to keep an awe-striking t-shirt hanging in your closet for such a day. You never know when the cupid may hit you?

  1. Jersey For Your Workout

Working out is surely a good habit, but what about the sweat and germs that thrive in it? You need to drain out all the sweat that you perspire away from your body. This does not only help you maintain your hygiene but also helps regulate your body temperature optimally.

A jersey that can drain away all the sweat is definitely a good choice over the cotton ones. You should surely have one in your closet.

  1. Ribbed Diligence

Ribbed t-shirts look pretty decent. The ribs give your body a taller stance. Moreover, the visual aesthetics of a ribbed t-shirt offers are pretty diligent and luxurious at the same time.

Ribbed t-shirts are always in trend. Having said that, there’s nothing more robust than a ribbed t-shirt, simply because of its constructive structure. It is knitted in a way to handle more and more stretch and collapse cycles without losing its shape.

  1. Solid Designs Are Evergreen

How can a guy’s wardrobe be complete without any solid shade t-shirt? Be it a plain white t-shirt or a black hufty. You can pair it with any shade and color, and with any wearable, you seem to like. There’s no limitation to the choices at offer.

What are you still waiting for? Head out and fill your wardrobe with all of these statements if you wish to stand out of the crowd.

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