Capsule Wardrobe- Best Styling Advice To Share With Your Man

Capsule Wardrobe- Best Styling Advice To Share With Your Man

The daily “what to wear” struggle is real for everyone, but men are often in a bigger fix than women. You’ll probably understand it when you see your partner having a hard time selecting his work outfit every morning. It’s a sign that he needs help with styling, so you should do your bit for him.

Why not give your man a lesson on the capsule concept? That makes sense because surveys show that the average person wears just 20% of the clothes in their wardrobe regularly. It means the rest is only wasted space and money! You can help your partner save both by picking a few right clothes instead of splurging on stuff he may never wear.

Let’s share some valuable styling advice you can pass on to your man to help him make the most of his capsule wardrobe.

Start with the basics

Nothing matters more than the basics when creating a capsule wardrobe. These are the pieces one needs every day and for all occasions. For men, styling basics include a classic white button-down, a few shirts and t-shirts, jeans, trousers, and a versatile blazer. 

Remember to pick classic styles that will never go outdated. That’s what the basics are all about!

Invest in quality

Quality over quantity is the thumb rule when it comes to a capsule wardrobe. Since your partner has fewer pieces to work with, he will probably wear and wash them often. Cheap stuff easily falls apart after a few washes, but quality materials last and look good over the years. 

The best piece of advice you can share with your man is to spend more but stick with high-quality, durable clothes. 

Add some personality

Capsule Wardrobe- Best Styling Advice To Share With Your Man

You love your partner for his unique personality and the way he carries himself. His capsule wardrobe should replicate his personal style. You can help him pick graphic tees, patterned shirts, and bright scarves to add charm and fun to his dressing style. 

Accessories such as a statement watch and a belt add classiness to a casual look. These small touches can go a long way in showing off his personal style.

Follow the fits

Another savvy styling tip you must share with your man is to prioritize fits. Clothes with great fits stay in one’s wardrobe for the long haul. Surely, one feels more comfortable and confident wearing them. 

So make sure he checks the fits before buying. If your partner prefers to shop online, ensure he reads the exchange and return policies. 

Keep it seasonal

A capsule wardrobe should be seasonal so that it is easy to align with the weather changes by just swapping out some pieces. For example, the basics are sustainable and stay the same all year, and adding a few layering options is enough to get the closet all set for winter. 

It will ensure that your man looks seasonally appropriate and comfortable without spending a fortune on a complete rework.


The capsule closet concept is popular as it is sustainable and savvy. But it’s not just for ladies. You can help your man to ace it with these worthy pieces of advice. And while you give him some tips, check your wardrobe and swap it up too.

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