Four Fashion Rules Every Man Should Follow

Four Fashion Rules Every Man Should Follow

Today’s social media-obsessed world has made it important to look great and stylish anywhere you go. In fact trends in men’s fashion have become adventurous over the years. Flip through men’s magazines or check out designer brands and you’ll see a wide range of jeggings, cropped trousers, man buns, thick-rimmed glasses and waistcoats designed as outerwear.

Fashion should certainly be fun and exciting. It’s good to play around with clothes and accessories to make a unique personal statement but there are some fashion rules that remain timeless and essential. Coco Chanel was right when she said “Fashion fades, only style is eternal.” Here are some men’s fashion rules that every man must follow to stay stylish.

Your Suit Must Fit Perfectly

The suit is the male equivalent of the little black dress. It’s iconic and it instantly makes the wearer sophisticated and attractive. Trends in tailoring and style come and go but one thing remains eternal: the suit must always have an immaculate fit. Take it from sleek and suave James Bond whom you will never see wearing a suit with a sloppy fit. If you’re feeling extra suave, you can even add a pair of cufflinks. A perfectly fitting suit will give you a clean silhouette. Here are some reminders for achieving that:

1. Make sure the jacket of your suit is snug but comfortable to wear and the shoulder is aligned with your actual shoulders
2. The tip of the sleeves must fall at the base of your thumb
3. A few centimeters of the shirt cuff must be visible so it’s a good idea to wear the jacket over a shirt first
4. Your trousers must fit your waist well

Invest in Classic Accessories

Accessorizing doesn’t have to be daunting for men. Investing in a couple of classic pieces can add subtle but very sophisticated tweaks to any look. One of the must-have items you need to have in your accessories arsenal is a classic analog watch, incomparably suave even in the digital age. Having a solidly built leather tote bag, preferably of black or brown color, should be a must-have whether you’re using it for travel or for business.

If you’re not the type to bring bulky items, why not get a smaller alternative in the form of a leather phone case? Some iPhone case designs come with extra sleeves for storing credit cards, cash and keys. This way you can always stay stylish even on the go.

Know How to Apply Cologne

Having a signature scent can help you leave a lasting impression. You want to smell wonderful so you should spray as much of your favorite cologne as possible, right? Wrong. Cologne is best applied on particular pulse points on the body such as on the front and back of your wrists, below your throat and behind your ears. These pulse points are notable for releasing body heat and so they help retain the scent for much longer. Another clever way of applying your favorite fragrance is by spraying a mist in open air and then walking through that mist when you are fully dressed. Don’t spray your cologne on your arm pit or directly on your clothes.

Don’t Overwash Denims

Denim jeans are a classic wardrobe staple so make sure to observe proper denim care to make them look good for longer. Generally, denim is not made to be washed in frequent intervals. Dry denims, in particular, shouldn’t be washed at all because the dye used on the material, which gives it its signature indigo color, is supposed to just fade naturally and create the characteristic fades. Experts recommend waiting for six months before washing your jeans for the first time. The longer you keep them unwashed, the better the denims will look and the more personality they will have.

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21 thoughts on “Four Fashion Rules Every Man Should Follow

  1. These are great tips! I need to pass these along to my brother because his fashion sense is HORRIBLE lol

  2. OMG. I only leaned today that denim need not be washed regularly. 6 months? my boys love to wear denim and every after two uses, they toss them inside the washing machine already.

  3. Oh these are great tips! My sister works at a men’s suit store so she is definitely an expert when it comes to men’s fashion!

  4. I may say that this is a great tips for men especially women who take care their men. Loved this post, it really helps men to always be on their perfect look.

  5. I totally agree on washing the denim frequently… I guess my husband would love this post more than me… I would definitely share this with my hubby tonight 🙂

  6. I’m not sure if my husband knows about these. He’s a pretty casual guy though. But then again, I’m pretty casual too. I don’t think I’d ever catch him walking around with a tote bag. He prefers to stick things in his pockets.

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