Best Men’s Underwear to Buy for Every Body Type

Best Men’s Underwear to Buy for Every Body Type

You might prefer boxers or briefs and your preferences matter a lot. If you consider underwear to be the first thing you slip into every day, you might want to put a lot of effort into researching which ones are right for you. Getting the right type and fit will mean that you will be comfortable all day, and you will feel good as well. Read more posts about what you should know about underwear on this page.

One of the things to do is to be honest if you are satisfied with your current selections. After all, these boxers are going to be the closest to your skin, so if you’re not getting comfortable with the several pairs you have, it might be time for a change.

Some men may notice signs that they are currently wearing the wrong size. If your thighs feel that the leg band is digging into it, you might probably be wearing a small one. If the waistband slips all the time or when you pick something up, the elastics may have already gone, or you have something that is too big for you.

What to Wear According to Your Body Type


Men with larger thighs and more well-endowed are best with briefs. Nowadays, there is men’s underwear that offers support and a new generation of designer styles that look sleeker and better. Some footballers are even advertising them since they are best for those who have bigger thighs. 

When you are currently in the gym for thicker trunks, you might notice that the underwear with the legs may tend to roll too high. They might show when you are wearing trousers with slim fits, and it looks out of place.

Those who are shorter may also prefer briefs so they can expose more of their legs. They will appear taller and longer, and they have a supportive style. This will help if you are doing cardio workouts every day. Avoid man-made fibres because they may cause a rash. Instead, go with a cotton pair so the material will absorb the moisture from your skin quickly.


Best Men’s Underwear to Buy for Every Body Type

Boxers are excellent choices for people who want maximum breathability. If you are someone who regularly wears slim jeans or trousers, then this is for you. You will find that the style is less revealing than the others, but they come at a cost. One of their major disadvantages is that they offer little support.

You might have probably worn these during your teens and might not like them. Fortunately, this specific style has undergone a lot of makeovers in the past decades. You will find that the traditional styles still offer elasticated, baggy, and bunched cuts. However, you will find a slimmer-cut choice that has stretched waistbands when you look further. These are viable for people who have slim thighs.

This is something that you can wear when you sleep. The best material out there is cotton with cool patterns or a solid colour. You will not go wrong with the tailored waistbands as well. 


For the men who have ample posterior and are taller in nature, the boxer-briefs might be good for them. As their name says, this is a traditional boxer short-shaped style, but the cuts were made from materials like fitter jerseys. See more info about jerseys in this link:

They are for slimmer silhouettes, and most guys have preferred them in the past decades. They have versatility and are not as revealing. They also offer plenty of support because of the thigh-skimming features.

The underwear usually has a button fly with the mid-to-low thigh cut. This will mean a terrific addition to style, and the added material between the legs will avoid the uncomfortable chafing or rubbing that are common with the boxers. The wise choice will be to go for the longer lengths and ensure that they are not too tight. 

Some men will prefer them because the standard briefs do not usually provide coverage. With the close-fitting fabric that can stretch through the legs, some men want a halfway option.

The versatility and style suit many men, and the higher waistband is great for taller people. The underwear does not slip down when they bend over, and the boxer-brief is a wardrobe staple for many men.

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