8 Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Home
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8 Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Home

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical thought promoting harmony between everyone with the environment. It is among one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics and is dedicated to architecture in a metaphoric sense. More precisely, it perceives architecture as an invisible force which links earth, humanity, and universe in “qi”.

Organizing your home by the feng shui principles is easy and anyone can do it if they follow simple rules. It’s recommended that the novice starts from the basics and gradually move up the more complex levels. To help you with this, here are some tips how to easily feng shui your home.

1. Eliminate the clutter

This is an essential step and it should be fully respected. Decluttering your space will be therapeutic from the very beginning and allow you to accept the change. The mess is one of the reasons we feel tired and stressed. Tripping over objects on the floor or looking for something lost in the pile of papers is frustrating tasks creating tension.

The same applies to the things we don’t like at our homes. It may be a decorative item we received as a present or an item we grew tired of. Whatever it is, if it’s making us anxious and uncomfortable, then it should be removed from our space.

2. Good quality of air and light

Air and light are proven factors which influence how we feel. They are also of crucial importance for the feng shui energy also called Chi. The feng shui practitioners advise opening the windows as frequent as possible. Additionally, placing air-purifying plants or using a purifier will also help to maintain clean air in your home.

Natural light should never be blocked. You should allow it to enter your home from all possible sources and even create new ones if possible.  

3. Define the energy map

Bagua or feng shui energy map of your home should be ready before you start decorating and rearranging the furniture. There are two methods to define it: the classical schools of Bagua or BTB grid. Once you are done, you will have an insight which parts of your home are connected to the areas of your life. For example, money energy in your life is tied to the Southeast feng shui area.

4. Five feng shui elements

In order to gain balance and vivid energy in the whole home, you have to know the basics of five feng shui elements. For instance, if you want more prosperity you will place feng shui elements of Wood and water in the Southeast area. On the other hand, if you want a better health, you can place a plant or wooden furniture in the East area of your home.

5. Feng Shui birth element

You can also create feng shui to support your personal energy. This is done by creating your birth element. The principal is similar to the previous practice. For example, in case your birth element is Fire, you need to represent it in the form of the feng shui element. This can be done with colors like red and orange, triangular shapes, and other representations. Since Wood feeds Fire in the productive cycle, you will also have to introduce this element to your home.

6. Kua number and lucky directions

In order to receive energy from your lucky feng shui direction, you will need to calculate your Kua number. In addition, you will also have to find out your lucky directions so that you can adjust the position of your furniture. This is important for the bed, desk, seating set and other places where you spend your time significantly. For example, if your Kua number is 1 you should choose to face one of the following directions: East, North, South, and Southeast.

7. Pay attention to the quality of energy

It’s important that you’re aware of the energy in your home and its influence on your health. Pay attention to the feng shui trinity – bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, since they are connected directly to your health. These three also make critical directions in feng shui: northwest, southwest, and center. Use feng shui principles to create harmony to your living environment in order to improve your well-being.

8. Music and feng shui

Soothing music is believed to be a good feng shui the most effective when used as a cure. It is used when the energies of inhabitants are low, and they need motivation and uplifting elements. Music is already used to treat some mental conditions like stress and illnesses like Parkinson’s disease.

If you own a piano, for example, you should play it and use it to elevate the mood. Before you start, however, hire top piano services to check the state of your instrument. Badly played music can have a negative effect and instead of lifting the mood, it only creates more annoyance.    

In the end

After you finish these basic levels, you can start with the deeper ones. However, you have to use feng shui patiently and without skipping any steps. Otherwise, you will create disorder and more chaos which consequently lead to more frustration and tension.

Your home is your safe haven and it should be free of negativity and its contributing factors. It’s supposed to make you feel safe and comfortable. Rearranging the furniture and position of your body, you will contribute to creating healthy energy flow and relaxed home.

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17 thoughts on “8 Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Home”

  1. These are some great tips. I am definitely all for eliminating clutter. That is one thing I truly hate is clutter. I am going to have to try some of the other ways you mentioned.

  2. I remember when I first learned about Feng Shui. I thought it was so fascinating and still do! Decluttering is a BIG DEAL!

  3. All about the feng shui . 100%. We declutter a few times a year. After Christmas every year we donate, throwaway and completely detox the home. It makes it feel so much better. It has a beautiful energy when it’s all in line and it helps us all feel a bit more peaceful.

  4. I’ve heard of feng shui but never knew all the elements of it. I will have try to get my house into feng shui, it seems easy to do.

  5. These are great to know! I already do a few of them, especially the first with having no clutter. I can’t stand clutter, everything in my home has a place. We have decent light, but I need to work on adding more plants. We have a cat, so I have to be careful that she won’t get into it and that the plants aren’t going to hurt her if (when) she eats at them.

  6. It’s amazing to see all the great things we can learn by following and reading other bloggers site. Thanks for sharing

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