11 Ways To Make Your Home Your Safe Haven

11 Ways To Make Your Home Your Safe Haven

If your home isn’t your safe haven, then you’ve got some work to do. When you think of your home, you should basically get love hearts in your eyes. A home is a huge investment, and if you don’t absolutely love returning home at the end of the day, there are probably some changes you need to make to make this happen.

Making your home safe and sound, as well as making sure it makes you feel cozy and relaxed is crucial. Below you’ll find 11 helpful tips that could help you to completely turn things around.

  1. Invest In A Smart Security System

First of all, consider putting some of your budget towards a smart security system. A smart security system usually has plenty of features that are interconnected, which makes it much easier for you to keep your house safe. You are even able to keep your house safe when you’re not there, by doing things such as controlling the lights and opening and closing the curtains. Doing this when you’re on vacation or away on a business trip can give you peace of mind knowing that it looks like you’re home when you’re not.

  1. Put Up CCTV (Or Even Dummy Cameras)

CCTV might seem extreme, but it’s a huge deterrent to criminals – especially if you live an area with a high crime rate. If you’d rather not fork out for the real deal but you’d still like to get something, dummy cameras can work just as well as a deterrent, although you won’t be able to see anything if something does happen.

  1. Don’t Give Criminals A Place To Hide

Make sure you’re not inadvertently giving criminals a place to hide in and around your home. Keep your garden tidy, and make sure there aren’t any hedges or trees they can use as a hiding place. You’ll also want to install lights with sensors so that they come on whenever somebody walks by.

  1. Put Up Deterrent Signs

Signs can sometimes be a deterrent alone. You can get signs pointing out your CCTV, telling people that there’s neighborhood watch, and even telling people you have a dog (do this even if you haven’t got one). Many criminals won’t want to risk breaking in if you have a dog, whether it’s true or not.

11 Ways To Make Your Home Your Safe Haven

  1. Make Sure You’re Not Inviting Intruders In

You could actually be inviting intruders in if you’re leaving things outside of your home that they can use to break in with. For example, ladders. They can use those to climb in through a window. If they can easily break into your shed or garage, they may also be able to find things in there to use.

  1. Keep Pests At Bay

It isn’t just human intruders we want to keep at bay. Make sure you’re keeping pests at bay, too. You might want to look up catching a raccoon if some of your neighbors have had this problem, so that you’ll be prepared. Other, smaller pests can also be an issue, so make sure you’re not spreading those. Keep your garden tidy, keep your bins tidy, and use other solutions to get rid of pests if you need to. If you do suspect an infestation, it’ll be better to call the pros in sooner rather than later.

  1. Make Sure It Evokes Cosy Feelings With Your Decor On The Inside

For your home to be your safe haven, it should evoke feelings of cosiness when you get inside. Make sure it’s super relaxing with a ton of texture and comfortable seating. The decor should match your tastes, not the trends of the moment. Trends come and go, but true style lasts forever!

  1. Make It Smell Incredible

Don’t neglect to make your home smell lovely, either. Smell can also evoke those feelings of relaxation, so figure out how you can make this work for you. Candles are a popular choice, but it can be better to use soy candles rather than the traditional kind, as they don’t tend to contain any of the nasties. Alternatively, you can use reed diffusers, room sprays, and even aromatherapy to make your home smell amazing!

11 Ways To Make Your Home Your Safe Haven


  1. Have Rooms Without Technology

Have at least a couple of rooms in your home that don’t contain technology. One of them should be your bedroom so you can get a good night’s sleep without being disturbed by appliances and gadgets, but see if you can incorporate a tech-free room elsewhere. You don’t want to spend all of your time being stuck in front of a screen, so make sure you can get away from them when you need to. Perhaps consider creating a reading nook for when you really want to escape from the world!

  1. Get Rid Of Annoying Clutter

Clutter can instantly give people anxiety and make things in their life feel messy, even if they’re not. Get rid of your clutter with one big clear out, getting rid of things you’ve been hoarding that you haven’t used for a while. As a general rule, if you haven’t used something in 6 months, then you’re probably not going to use it at all. Stay on top of your clutter by being vigilant. You should:

  • Only ever bring something into your home if it is useful or beautiful.
  • Get rid of letters as soon as you know you don’t need them. Don’t put them down and deal with them later, decide what to do with them now.
  • Figure out what you can get rid of every day, even if it’s only something small. Give it to a friend, take it to the charity store, or sell it.
  • See if you can create a more minimalist space.
  1. Keep It Clean

Finally, stay on top of your cleaning. Create a rota and get everybody in the house involved, ensuring they get in the habit of tidying as they go so you don’t have to do too many huge cleans. When your home is clean, it’ll look great, smell great, and you won’t be spreading bacteria or causing allergies!

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