When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom, there’s a lot to consider. You’re going to want to invest in high-quality pieces that stand the test of time, while still remaining open to your kid’s creative input. Having your child involved in the process of decorating your bedroom is going to make all the difference as you create a space that allows them to feel secure. It’s also going to instill a sense of discipline and appreciation for a good night’s sleep, which is equally important for young children to learn. 

Whether it’s by finding the best mattress for kids or simply accounting for the extra storage space you might require in a shared bedroom, here are some of our top tips for creating a bedroom you’re really going to love –  

Finding A Mattress That’s Actually Worth Investing In

If you’re seeking the best mattress for kids, there’s a couple of different features you’re going to want to take into account. The best mattress for kids is going to be able to both support all their pressure points properly through the night, while still remaining comfortable and cozy for them to fall asleep quickly enough. 

The best mattress for kids should also reasonably have a few different certifications that can put you at ease when it comes to the quality of the bed. Most of the best mattresses for kids should also be hypoallergenic so that sensitive sleepers don’t have a problem when they’re tossing and turning. 

Another thing to consider is any unique needs your children might have when it comes to their sleep. For instance, the best mattress for kids who share their rooms with their siblings is probably going to require some motion-isolation properties. Memory foam mattresses tend to be the best mattresses for kids who are light sleepers since they minimize motion transfer.

They’re also the best mattress for kids who are expecting growth spurts soon since body-contouring properties allow them to be well supported and recover quickly as they’re sleeping. Hybrid mattresses are also a great choice for this reason since their spring base adds an extra touch of support for children’s sleep. 

If you’re convinced you’ve already found the best mattress for kids, then you’ll want to focus your energies on finding the right, mattress size for their space. When you’re working out how to do this, remember to consider room size, how long you expect your child is going to have this bed (an infant is going to require a very different bed than a pre-teen), and how long you expect to stay in the home you’re in. 

Making Sure You Have Bedroom Furniture That Doubles As Storage

Once you’re confident you’ve found the best mattress for kids you can, it’s time to move on to other pieces of bedroom furniture. Bedroom furniture can be a really great way to create opportunities for space in your child’s bedroom. This is especially useful when you’re using bedroom furniture that doubles as storage can helo open up your child’s bedroom, and create space where there is none. Tools such as closet organizers, toy boxes, nightstands with drawers, and additional shelving can all be utilized for a better sense of space.

Using Adhesive Wallpaper Instead Of Paint

Anyone who’s been a parent will understand that children’s tastes tend to be mercurial. While this week it might be one thing, the next week it’s bound to change, which is why it tends to be difficult to make any permanent decor choices. 

Adhesive wallpaper is a relatively cheaper option that is also fuss-free when it comes to decorating your kid’s bedroom. There are various marketplaces online where you can browse for adhesive wallpaper – try and get your child involved so that they feel involved in the decorating process. 

Customizable Art Galleries For Your Creative Kids To Showcase Work

While it’s one thing to think about the color scheme and paint colors you might want for your child’s room, it’s a whole other thing to think about how you’re going to want to integrate a few more out of the box bedroom ideas into the mix. Another creative bedroom idea for your kids? If you have children who are creatively inclined, you’re probably receiving different types of artwork every week. Before all of those go into a folder you’re never going to be able to see again, consider hanging up blank frames with string wire across the back. 

The end result? A makeshift art gallery you can rotate displays on with minimal effort involved. Your little Picassos are going to be very happy, and as an added bonus, the pride they feel in claiming their space will leave them a lot more prone to taking responsibility for a cleanup and other chores. 

Adding Furniture That Will Make Their Space Multi-Functional 

Finally, for a fun touch to your kids’ bedrooms, you might want to consider adding a ‘fun’ piece of bedroom furniture for a little personalization. This could range from something as simple as a shag rug with throw pillows they can sit on, to a more space-consuming swing chair, having that added element in your child’s bedroom will allow them to treat their bedroom as more than just a space they can sleep in. 

Whether you’re simply looking to give your kid’s bedroom a little revamp, or you’re actually going to be setting up their room from scratch, being mindful about the types of bedroom furniture you’re purchasing will go a long way in ensuring you’re making purchases that are well worth the investment. From the type of mattress you’re buying to the paint colors you pick out for your room, be sure to involve your children in the process too – you’re going to find the process a lot smoother than you think.